Liam Walsh the perfect role model says trainer Graham Everett

Liam Walsh is the perfect role model for aspiring young boxers, according to trainer Graham Everett.

The 26-year-old from Cromer heads into the ring for the 15th time as a professional boxer tonight, armed with a 100pc record and the most detailed build-up to a fight in his career.

In the opposite corner is Manchester's Joe Murray – and in the middle, Walsh has laid down his Commonwealth super-featherweight belt as the spoils of war.

It's Walsh's toughest fight to date – Murray is also a 14-0 boxer - but Everett says the build-up has been second to none.

'Liam's preparation has been tremendous,' said Everett, who also has stablemate Scott Moises in action tonight taking on Mitchell Smith for the Southern Area super-featherweight title.

'He has sparred more rounds for this fight than he has ever sparred before, so there has been no stone left unturned. There are no excuses – we are in the best shape we can possibly be and we are ready to rumble on Saturday.

'Every camp we do a little bit more. This one has just rolled well. We have had a lot of good outside sparring as well as we have in-house and the preparation has just been really, really good. We are all happy and comfortable – we are ready to do the business on Saturday.'

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So a role model for young fighters?

'Yes, most definitely,' Everett added. 'He lives the right life outside the ring, everything he does is good.

'I think Liam is a tremendous talent in all ways. He is a great student. He just gives it 110pc and for me that is a brilliant situation.

'But don't forget that while Joe Murray might be underdog, he hasn't lost as a pro and is a former world amateur bronze medallist; you can't discredit him. He's a good opponent.'