Lewis back in training

CHRIS LAKEY Canaries keeper Joe Lewis is back in training and looking forward to a return to action following his horrific injury last month.


Canaries keeper Joe Lewis is back in training and looking forward to a return to action following his horrific injury last month.

The 20-year-old, on loan at League Two newcomers Morecambe until the end of next month, was forced off with a bad gash and concussion after colliding with Rotherham's Chris O'Grady.

Lewis needed 20 stitches in a nasty-looking head wound, although fears he had fractured his collarbone proved unfounded.

The Canaries Academy product was treated for several minutes before being taken off the field on a stretcher and straight to hospital - and he's ready for the day it all happens again.

“I don't think you can really let it bother you,” said Lewis, who had made 15 appearances for Morecambe before his injury.

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“Obviously if it does start to bother you it can affect your performance. I have had bangs on the head before - I have been concussed a few times and stuff like that. The only difference with this one is the cut, but it's not really any different to a normal bang on the head, just the cut.

“Accidents are going to happen - I know I will get a few more bangs on my head before my career is over - hopefully they're not bad ones. You just get on with it.”

Lewis remembers the moment of impact.

“I don't think I was knocked out - if I was it was for a couple of seconds, not for any length of time so I can remember most of it,” he said.

“It wasn't the best of back passes, it meant I had to head it past the striker and head it again and the other striker came in and we just clashed heads.

“He had four stitches and I've had 20. I landed heavily on my shoulder, which was my main concern at the time. A cut is a cut and heals in its own time but I was more concerned about my shoulder because it felt quite sore and I thought it might have been fractured or something like that. It was a massive relief when that wasn't the case and it was just a case of getting mobile again and getting back training.”

Lewis has donned a Petr Cech style skull cap during training at City's Colney HQ and although it's been the subject of some amusement, his main concern is getting back to work with Morecambe.

“I have had a little bit of stick about it, but the cut has healed up a lot better than I thought it would,” he said.

“It was quite a big one, but the surgeon did a great job stitching it up. I think I might have to wear it for another couple of weeks to protect the skin and until it is completely healed. I'm pleased with that.

“I was just getting into the swing of things at Morecambe and really starting to knuckle down. We had got over the high of being in the league and now is when it really counts. You can start as well as you want, but once the high of getting promoted has worn off then you get into the thick of things and you want to be knuckling down, that's when it really matters.

“Every day you are training for a purpose, leading up to a game on a Saturday or a Tuesday night. And you are the main focus of what is happening and just the feeling of being involved in the first team starting XI every week is just brilliant.”