King’s Lynn Town boss Gary Setchell admits hands are tied in transfer market

Dan Quigley. Picture: Matthew Usher

Dan Quigley. Picture: Matthew Usher - Credit: Matthew Usher

Boss Gary Setchell admits there's little he can do to strengthen his stretched King's Lynn Town squad.

Gary Setchell. Picture: Matthew Usher

Gary Setchell. Picture: Matthew Usher - Credit: Matthew Usher

Dan Quigley damaged ankle ligaments while Sam Mulready suffered concussion during Tuesday's 2-1 home defeat to Buxton. Although Jackson Ramm should return tomorrow at Rushall Olympic after missing the midweek clash with a head injury, Lynn's manager concedes he's currently paying the price for opting for a dressing room packed with quality rather than quantity.

'How can I get somebody in? (for Rushall). You have to put seven days in for someone,' said Setchell.

'I'll have to go with what I've got. That's the risk you run. We've got 15 players. I've got two injuries, maybe Jackson will be back and then there's the two young lads (Shaun Stocker and Chris Ward).

'Whatever 11 I field I'm sure will be good enough to match Rushall. It's not as easy as (trying to get someone in). The two lads who are injured (Quigley and Mulready), they're obviously on contract, so your hands are tied. We're working to what our budget is.

'I've taken the gamble in thinning the squad down to try and get more quality in so that's my decision. I've got 15 and the two young lads, that's 17. We've only got two or three injuries so I'll still have a selection for Saturday.'

Versatile midfielder Quigley will be sidelined for two to six weeks, depending on how quickly he heals, while frontman Mulready is expected to make his comeback for Lynn's FA Cup second qualifying round tie at home to Hednesford Town on September 27.

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'Quigz is a tough lad and he was in a lot of pain. His ankle was like a balloon,' Setchell also told his club's official YouTube channel.

'Sam Mulready can't even remember turning up or playing. He had bruising round his neck. Henry (Eze) was late, which didn't help. He missed his connecting train to get to (Jake Jones) Jonesy, so Jonesy had to leave if not he was going to be late. Then we lost Quigz. Then Sam took a massive whack on the head. Jackson split his head on Saturday. They're not excuses, it's just what happened.

'It isn't why we lost the football match against Buxton though. Too many of my big players just didn't really turn up.'

Quigley said on Twitter: 'If this is what ligament damage feels like I dread to think what breaking your ankle must feel like. In bits!'

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