King’s Lynn suffer Elite League Coventry call off

King's Lynn's scheduled Elite League test at reigning champions Coventry on Friday has been postponed due to rider unavailability.

Both clubs' confirmed the news on Wednesday lunchtime with a series of GP qualifying meetings set to decimate the hosts' line up. Coventry were due to be without four of their top five, with Lynn's Niels-Kristian Iversen also on qualifying duty. Bees' trio Edward Kennett, Ryan Fisher and Kenni Larsen are in Denmark on Friday, whilst Przemyslaw Pawlicki is in the Czech Republic qualifier on Saturday, with practice early that morning.

'I know people will be asking why this decision wasn't taken earlier, but we've been burning the midnight oil with getting a team together for this meeting,' said Bees' co-boss Alun Rossiter. 'At one stage it looked like at least a couple of the riders would be able to still line up for us, but unfortunately they are now under the threat of bans if they do not compete in their World Championship meetings

'It's not our normal policy to call meetings off, but to run a meeting in those circumstances would make a mockery of things. We know how hard it's been with being without members of our regular team lately, but this would have been much worse. The consolation is that at least it's only three days after that we have our next home meeting, with the league leaders Eastbourne in town. We were planning ahead to race on Friday but once you hear that riders are going to be banned, this was really all we could do.'

Lynn's next scheduled Elite League meeting is the visit of Wolverhampton on Wednesday, June 22.