King’s Lynn Stars to focus on fun times

King's Lynn Stars chiefs have promised to bring the fun times back to the Norfolk Arena next season.

A disappointing end to 2012 was soured further by many fans' perceptions that the club's riders were not appreciating their support enough.

A lack of celebratory laps after race wins and attempts to stoke up the Saddlebow Road faithful have been mentioned as negative points of the last campaign by fans.

And members of Lynn's hierarchy agree with many of the complaints, admitting the club is keen to bring a carnival atmosphere back to home meetings in 2013.

Stars' owner Keith 'Buster' Chapman said: 'Even I was annoyed last season. I used to run to the start line when we won a race to cheer the boys on and they'd never come by.

'Not only did I wear my shoes out, but it did get embarrassing when even I'm doing it and the boys are back in the pits.'

His sentiments were echoed by team boss Rob Lyon who is keen to put on a regular spectacle at the Norfolk Arena when speedway returns in March.

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Lyon believes the squad he has helped build – which includes Rory Schlein, Mads Korneliussen, Sebastian Alden, Simon Stead, Nicolai Klindt and Kozza Smith – will help restore some of that missing excitement.

And he is backing the return of popular Aussie ace Smith, who missed 2012 with a broken leg sustained before the start of the British season, to really help lift the fans' fever.

Lyon said: 'Kozza's infectious in the pits. We all know what he's like. He's good with the fans and that's massively important. I think we lacked a little bit of that last season.

'We lacked a bit of interaction with the fans and they're the most important people out there. I think we need the riders to be going round on laps of honour and showing them their support and he is certainly one that will do that.

'His return was a no-brainer in lots of ways. I think it's something that with the team we've put together, with the personalities we've got in the side, it'll all change 100pc next year. You'll see a different team and a different outlook completely.'

Co-promoter Jonathan Chapman thinks the Stars' supporters will end up enjoying race nights just as much as they did during their success-filled Premier League days of recent years gone by.

He said: 'It'll be back to the Premier League days. We all love the Elite League. The racing, the quality, but I think we all miss the Premier League – from the family sort of feel.

'If we can get those together as one I think it will be an amazing year.'