King’s Lynn Stars fixtures released

King's Lynn's fixtures have been released. Picture: Ian Burt

King's Lynn's fixtures have been released. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

King's Lynn Stars will begin their new season with a home clash against Leicester on April 5.

The SGB Premiership fixture follows the curtain-raiser on March 26 – the Simon Lambert tetsimonial.


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Sun 26 Simon Lambert Testimonial . HOME


Wed 05 Leicester Premiership HOME

Fri 07 Coventry (TBC) Premiership Away

Fri 14 Rye House Premiership HOME

Sat 15 Rye House Premiership Away

Wed 26 Belle Vue Premiership HOME

Fri 28 Somerset (TBC) KOC Away


Mon 01 Wolverhampton Premiership Away

Wed 03 Belle Vue Premiership Away

Wed 10 Somerset (TBC) KOC HOME

Sun 14 British Youth Championships Round 3 HOME

Wed 24 Rye House Premiership HOME

Wed 31 Swindon Premiership HOME


Wed 07 Somerset Premiership HOME

Fri 09 Somerset (Provisional) Premiership Away

Wed 14 Somerset/Leicester KOC HOME

Fri 16 Somerset Premiership Away

Wed 21 Wolverhampton Premiership HOME

Mon 26 Wolverhampton Premiership Away

Wed 28 Belle Vue Premiership Away


Sat 01 FIM World Cup Event 1 SWC HOME

Wed 12 Poole Premiership Away

Thu 13 Poole Premiership HOME

Sat 15 Leicester (TBC) Premiership Away

Wed 19 Reserved . HOME

Wed 26 Wolverhampton Premiership HOME

Sat 29 Rye House Premiership Away


Wed 02 Swindon Premiership HOME

Fri 04 Coventry (TBC) Premiership Away

Sat 05 Leicester (TBC) Premiership Away

Wed 09 Somerset Premiership HOME

Wed 16 Leicester Premiership HOME

Wed 23 Belle Vue Premiership HOME

Thu 24 Swindon Premiership Away

Wed 30 Poole Premiership Away

Thu 31 Poole Premiership HOME

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