King’s Lynn racer Doolan hits back in pay claims

King's Lynn's transfer-listed rider Kevin Doolan insists he did not price himself out of a return to Premier League racing at Saddlebow in 2011.

Doolan has released a statement in which he described as 'laughable' any suggestion that he demanded a 30% pay rise to stay.

The club's hierarchy confirmed last week Doolan is now available for a full transfer after failing to agree terms. The Stars' management stated Doolan had requested a pay rise that equated to around a 30% figure over the whole season to cover his increased costs.

Doolan's statement reads: 'Firstly I would like to thank the King's Lynn fans for all there support over the years. It's has been a pleasure racing in the King's Lynn colours and I was as shocked as anyone that I wont be riding for King's Lynn again.

'As many will know 2010 has been frustrating year for the King's Lynn riders and I personally showed my concern over many issues, most of which continued to go unsettled as the season wound to an end. I personally have worked with the Chapmans to keep running costs to a minimum but, in 2010, it became difficult to communicate with them. I spent much of this season borrowing vans and struggling to organise my season, I was finally let down at the end of the season when, after being the first to agree to ride the Pride of the East meeting, I was never actually informed it was cancelled.

'If I was to stay at King's Lynn, which was my intention, I knew I would need to organise everything myself and no longer rely on working with the Chapmans to organise my season. I had to take out a loan and purchase a van and I could no longer rely on sponsors being pointed in my direction. In previous years I had always rode for King's Lynn at a discounted rate as I could enjoy benefits of workshops at the track, practice sessions, and paid work as a trainer at the training schools.

'I don't know if Buster's comments to the press were just a knee jerk reaction to losing a rider but the figure of a '30% pay rise' is laughable! My requests were simply to cover my extra cost and are still lower than current rider payments elsewhere in Premier League speedway.

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'Finally, I would like to confirm that I have always enjoyed being apart of the King's Lynn line up. My friends and sponsors associated with the club have seen me give 100 per cent at all times. I always considered myself to be putting in a captain's effort both on and off the track, and this continued even when I was injured.

'It's a shame for this chapter of my life to come to an end but I am now looking forward to a new start and hopefully putting my own stamp on another team in 2011.'

Cheers Kev Doolan.