King’s Lynn joint boss Boon quits club

King's Lynn joint boss Kevin Boon has resigned due to an internal club issue involving centre back Paul Cousins.

Town officials released a statement early on Monday evening to confirm Boon had left The Walks' outfit. Fellow boss Gary Setchell will be in sole charge for the club's UCL Premier Division game at Deeping on Tuesday.

The statement read: 'King's Lynn Town football club is saddened to hear that their joint team manager Kevin Boon has resigned from his position due to a fall out between himself and the player Paul Cousins.

King's Lynn Town football club feels that it would be unfair to make the sensitive nature of the fallout public, but the club would like to assure fans that any incidents which take place on or off the pitch are taken seriously and will be dealt with ONCE all the facts have been considered. King's Lynn Town football club will always support their players, staff and volunteers whenever called upon. Robbie Harris currently needs support and we hope to see him return to team action in the near future. Gary Setchell will take over as sole first team manager from Tuesday night and with his focus on winning such a crucial game he has indicated that Paul Cousins will play.'