King’s Lynn boss Dale Allitt plots numbers game as Stars head to Somerset

Kai Huckenbeck returns to the King's Lynn line-up at Somerset. Picture: Ian Burt

Kai Huckenbeck returns to the King's Lynn line-up at Somerset. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Team boss and co-promoter Dale Allitt will await confirmation on how Premiership averages will be calculated before deciding the future of King's Lynn's two injured riders.

The Stars endured a tough evening in a 54-36 home defeat to Wolverhampton in the KO Cup with recent recruit Simon Lambert and Nicklas Porsing sidelined. Kai Huckenbeck was also unavailable.

New figures are imminent, with Swindon scheduled to become the final club to complete four home and four away league fixtures against Rye House on Thursday night.

How the numbers will be crunched for riders who have not competed in the top flight or have not completed four home and away matches in their own right will be one of the matters discussed between bosses at a meeting on Monday.

Having been hampered by temporary regulations over guests in the meantime, Allitt cannot wait to move forward with much-needed clarity.

He revealed the club had started weighing up its options, but that there were no plans to make any other alterations on the back of four straight wins prior to Wednesday.

'I have been looking at it ever since Sunday when Simon got injured,' said Allitt. 'There is a meeting on Monday where averages will be clarified and if that goes as we expect it to, we will be making a change at the lower end of the team while Simon is out. We will continue to monitor the situation with Nick while being aware his average is set to drop.'

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Huckenbeck returns for Friday night's trip to Somerset in the Premiership with Liam Carr standing in for Lambert. The Stars have to run rider replacement for Porsing.

The Rebels have selection headaches, with Poole's Brady Kurtz and Rye House's Robert Branford standing in for Michael Palm Toft and Cameron Heeps, who both have Championship commitments. Rider replacement will operate for the injured Charles Wright.

Somerset: Josh Grajczonek, Lewis Kerr, R/R, Richard Lawson, Brady Kurtz, Jake Allen, Robert Branford.

King's Lynn: Chris Holder, Lewis Rose, R/R, Troy Batchelor, Robert Lambert, Kai Huckenbeck, Liam Carr.

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