King’s Lynn 65, Lakeside 30

Delighted King's Lynn team boss Rob Lyon predicts the best is yet to come after tonight's stunning televised Elite League romp at the Norfolk Arena.

Lynn buried Lakeside under an early barrage of maximums to showcase the Saddlebow outfit in front of a national and international television audience. Niels-Kristian Iversen edged out compatriot Kenneth Bjerre from top billing in an emphatic display – but Lyon insists there is room for improvement.

'I didn't know whether we would run up a score like that because it is difficult to predict in this league but we hit them hard from heat one and before they knew it we were 24 up,' he said. 'If I had any criticism of the boys – and you can't really have the way they rode – but when we get teams who come here and really like this place and we don't gate it will be difficult for us. So we have to work on that, but that apart, we were superb.

'We sent them out with the message to get into them straight away, like last week, and they showed 100% commitment. We knew if we did we would come out with a three point win and they just went for it.'

Lyon was adamant his side deserved full credit against a visiting septet who had to wait until heat 12 for a solitary tactical success from Adam Shields.

'They made the gate a few times and it was only our boys coming around them which made the difference,' he said. 'Lakeside gave it their all – you couldn't fault them for effort. It was just that we were exceptionally good. It won't always be like that but all we can do is try and give the same performance every week.'

Kenneth Bjerre set the tone with a cruise in the opener - Tomas Topinka taking the shortest route possible as he dragged his front wheel over the inner concrete to hold up Lee Richardson. Lasse Bjerre bravely squeezed through a sliver of space into turn one to dictate the reserves but Filip Sitera worked overtime to weave past Robert Mear.

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Shields trapped in front of the hosts, but Stars' skipper Olly Allen and Mads Korneliussen conjured a home pincer to sweep past the outgunned Hammer. Peter Ljung briefly headed Iversen but the Dane dived into turn three before a revitalised Sitera stalked Ljung to rocket off the final bend.

Richardson was already in tactical territory by heat four to stem the onslaught but Allen provided nuisance value long enough for Korneliussen to clinch the flag to move Lynn an improbable 24 clear.

The imperious Kenneth Bjerre cruised to heat six in a sub-59 second tour, although Topinka's sluggish trap from gate four earned Lakeside the serenity of a shared race after Lynn's blistering start.

Shields momentarily threatened the hosts' hegemony in the next until Iversen poured on the power, but Lasse Bjerre had to defer to the Australian.

Topinka and his young understudy Sitera pounced after Mear rolled at the start with Kyle Legault bailing out prior to turn one. Allen glided to the next with the all action Korneliussen muscling his way into the captain's slipstream to underline the Stars' total mastery of the smooth surface.

Kenneth Bjerre reduced heat ten to a gentle parade but the battling Shields repelled Topinka to break the mid-meeting home spell. Iversen mugged Richardson in heat 11 with the Hammer striving for a collector's item of a heat win – the Dane arcing from out to in down the home straight in a decisive pass. Shields finally ended the visiting hoodoo with an impressive tactical success. Iversen and Kenneth Bjerre gated in tandem to end heat 13 as a contest by the first bend with Lynn's grand prix ace happy for Iversen to claim the spoils. Korneliussen tried to make it interesting in the penultimate tour by dragging his machine wide to pick up enough grip to slingshot past Mear as moved Lynn through the 60-point barrier. Kenneth Bjerre book-ended the Stars' stroll with another Danish masterclass in the finale to complete a one-sided encounter.

• Stars: K Bjerre 14+1, Topinka 6+1, Allen 9, Korneliussen 10+2, Iversen 14+1, L Bjerre 5, Sitera 7+4.

• Hammers: Richardson 7, Nieminen 0, Shields 12, Swiderski 1+1, Ljung 3+1, Mear 7, Legault 0.