Kickstop Gym a special place for Norwich’s favourite boxing son Jon Thaxton

Jon Thaxton adjusts
Sam Sexton's headguard as he continues his preparations for his British heavywe

Jon Thaxton adjusts Sam Sexton's headguard as he continues his preparations for his British heavyweight title shot. Picture: SONYA DUNCAN - Credit: Archant

The Kickstop Gym holds good memories for Jon Thaxton – but he believes a change of scenery could lead to Norwich becoming one of the country's top boxing centres.

Thaxton, 42, won his biggest honours out of the Kickstop Gym as Graham Everett guided him to British, European and world honours.

Now's he's on the other side of the ropes – standing alongside the trainer – and he sees a bright future.

'Where we are going will be bigger and better and hopefully it will attract boxers from all over the country when they see the facilities we are going to have,' he said. 'This will be the HQ of boxing in this area.'

While Thaxton has seen many boxers come and go, it's clear that moving location will be something of a wrench.

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'This is where, in the second part of my career under Graham I won the British, European and WBF titles, so that is most probably the most successful part of my career,' he said. 'Then I had a couple of years away from boxing, then I got my trainer's licence and teamed up with Graham, and I am seeing things from the other side of the ropes.

'This gym means a lot to me – it has a lot of history for Graham and for me as well and it will be a little bit sad going.'

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There were times when Herbie Hide ruled the local roost, then Thaxton himself. Today, the glory is spread around

'It is not just Herbie or just me – there is a big group of them now,' he said. 'When I was training it would be just me and Graham in the gym or we would bring sparring partners in. Now there are loads of people. Good competition is very healthy. You want to be number one and that it has been brought on by Graham with his dedication, his commitment and his passion. The word with him is passion– he loves the game, he studies the game. He doesn't just go home after gym and switch off – he is always on it.

'But we now have the Walsh brothers - they are tremendous talents – Sam Sexton going for the British title. We have Nathan Dale coming through, the new breed.

'It's onwards and upwards – we go with the times.'

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