Kelling beach is a winner for Lincolnshire visitor George Smith


For the second time within a month, a Lincolnshire beach angler has stolen the limelight and won top prizes from under the noses of a substantial bevy of classy sea fishing dab hands.

George Smith, a 54-year-old professional Grimsby fish filleter, removed the backbone of a serious challenge at Saturday's Penn Sea League final staged on Kelling beach with a hard-won bag of 7lb of dabs and flounders.

This triumph earned him a £1,000 Penn Tackle voucher and £200 cash from the pools.

But he had not finished yet – the following day, he imposed his undoubted abilities on an impressive line-up at the same venue to complete the double in the Holt Summer Open event to finish with 6lb 15oz from almost the same beach mark, and that was another £400 bulging in his wallet.

Speaking of his success around the national coastline, he said: 'We have had to adapt in recent years because some species have disappeared. However, I am positive cod numbers are on the increase off our beaches only a few miles north of Norfolk's shingle. When we gain control of our fisheries again I believe beach anglers will benefit.'

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Meanwhile, Bridge Farm fishery boss Graham returned from his holidays to discover his main match angling customers had managed quite well without his supervision.

For the fishery's two-day festival returns soared into three figures.

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On day one, Paul Whitman (Oakwood) won A section with 114lb 4oz and B section was topped by Andy Morrow (Bridge Farm) with 146lb 4oz.

Gary Eales (Oakwood) stole their thunder with a runner-up catch of 85lb 8oz on day one, followed by a day two section win with 97lb for an overall three penalty point triumph, while Morrow was runner-up with 4pp, then Mark Maslin with 5pp.

In the same week, Morrow won the Friday open with 194lb 12oz and Del Maginn (Match Floats) was another midweek winner with 116lb 8oz.

Craig Gladding (Rhino) headed the Reepham midweek with 106lb 4oz, Simon Parker (Angling Direct) carded 123lb 10oz at Mill Farm after a dominating 105lb 7oz at Cross Drove.

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