Thaxtons ensure the show goes on for Able2B boxing training

Some of the people joining in online Picture: Ella Thaxton

Some of the people joining in online Picture: Ella Thaxton - Credit: Archant

Boxer Jon Thaxton was never one to let adversity stand in his way - and he has found a way to get around restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Jon Thaxton and daughter Ella Picture: Mikaela Thaxton

Jon Thaxton and daughter Ella Picture: Mikaela Thaxton - Credit: Archant

As well as his involvement alongside Graham Everett training Norfolk’s finest boxing talent, Thaxton is involved with Able2B – developed in 2016 with Rachael Hutchinson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, to help people with a disability keep fit, keep up their self confidence and enjoy the social side of the activity.

Coronavirus has put an end to the regular sessions in Norwich, so Thaxton commandeers the lounge at his Taverham home for one hour, six days a week - and continues his work via video link.

It means the pupils, among the most vulnerable at this difficult time, can still take part, without leaving the safety of their own home.

While Thaxton is on his feet putting the pupils through their drills, eldest daughter Ella, a student at the UEA, is seated and instructing the wheelchairs pupils. And just like Thaxton’s boxing career it’s proving to be a big hit.

Jon Thaxton - no gym, no problem Picture: Archant

Jon Thaxton - no gym, no problem Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

“Usually, we meet in a gym in Lakenham and we have people with all sorts of disabilities - celebral palsy, Parkinson’s, a whole range of disabilities,” said Thaxton.

“The intention of the classes is to give people exercise, but it is also to get them out and about and socialising as well. They come and they enjoy it - some people don’t have that much confidence to go out so the class helps them.

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“But obviously now, it’s not possible. The vulnerable have to stay at home, we all understand why, but we have a lot of older people, in their 60s, 70s and 80s, who come and train with us and we thought we had to do something to keep the good work going, we couldn’t just stop it.

“So I do the standing up work and Ella sits so she can instruct those without movement in their legs and it is working rally well.”

The classes quickly proving popular: they started with 13 people online, but that doubled to 26 on Monday. Tuesday was bring a friend day so Thaxton is soon going to have a huge aUdience.

“That suits me because we really want this to spread from Norwich to all over Norfolk, East Anglia, London, overseas – as far as we possibly can. We want to make this the best we possibly can make it and take it as far as we can, because we have always felt it has been hugely beneficial,” he added.

The Thaxtons are now scheduling six sessions a week, starting at 11am. If you want to be part of it, email or go to the Facebook page

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