Jeremy Goss gets to grip with a new energy boost

Welcome to the wonderful world of high energy drinks – the jungle juice that if you believe the label will help my little legs go round all the quicker as I prepare for my B-to-B biking marathon.

Now I really haven't got a clue about these things but I've seen those guys on the Tour de France sucking away at their 'water' bottles like madmen, and I figure if it's good enough for them…

So my training partner Rob Taylor is weaning me on to a whole new generation of high-carb drink mixes, complete with 'key electolytes', whatever they are, that enable sugars to get to the business end of my blood stream far more quickly.

Is it having an affect? I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, you may have seen in the EDP that North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb is joining me for the first leg of my Bayern challenge as far as Arnhem in Holland.

You may also want to watch:

I'm absolutely thrilled to have Norman on board and know that with his contacts and personal standing in the county, he'll make a substantial contribution to the total money we're raising for the Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind.

When all's said and done, raising cash to help the 20,000 blind and partially sighted people of Norfolk is what this ride is all about. None of us stops to think about blindness until maybe it happens to a member of our family, and that's when the NNAB is there to help.

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