It’s tough going on the Yare

Yare Sailing Club held their last open regatta of the season, based at Cantley.

Although 10 yachts entered the Saturday afternoon race, only six set off, all heavily reefed for the windy conditions. Unfortunately, both Dryad and Lucky Breeze suffered torn jibs and Pandora 3 was also forced into retirement.

The remaining three competitors completed the course down to Hardley Dyke and back up to Langley Dyke, before returning to Cantley to finish.

Nick Matthews' Starlight Lady was on the plane for the downhill reaches, but also had the advantage of a taller rig to tack through the tricky sections by the factory and past the trees. This gave her a comfortable win ahead of Matt Ellis' Blue Jacket and Adrian Lincoln on Pixie.

The wind was less ferocious on Sunday, tempting a few more boats to try their luck on the same course. Again, the reach by the factory proved problematic for some, with one competitor finding out the hard way that luffing the corner meant running the risk of being pushed into the reeds. Matt Ellis won the race, with Zingara and Pixie in second and third respectively.

The wind died out considerably for the last race in the afternoon, meaning many yachts were able to shake out their reefs.

Unfortunately it fell away too much for the slower boats, four of whom were unable to complete the second lap, despite the course being shortened to keep it above the factory. Pixie, now flying her topsail, gained first place, but it was not enough to give her the overall trophy, which went to Blue Jacket.