It’s Bly, Bly, Birley as Darren doubles rival

Darren Bly proved beyond doubt that he has the fastest car in the Dunlop Motorsport News series with two emphatic victories at Snetterton over Rod Birley.

For several seasons Birley has ruled the series, but he had no answer to the potent Nissan Skyline of his rival, whose record this year stands at seven wins and one defeat to Birley.

The popular Mazda MX5s provided eight of the races on Saturday with five for the Mk1 version and three for the bigger Mk3s.

The opening race for the Mk1s fell to Tom Roche. Roche easily outpaced Alan Henderson, but he was denied victory in the fifth and final race when he had to serve a drive through penalty for exceeding track limits.

This allowed Jordan Stilp to take his second win of the day.

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The first had been achieved in a shortened race three after Mark Leach had inverted his car on the exit of Riches corner. The other two races went to Adam Gore.

In the first he was able to coast home, but Henderson pulled off a remarkable overtaking move at the Esses on the final lap only to find himself narrowly out-powered on the run to the finishing line.

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The opening race of the quicker Mk3s saw two cars hit the safety barriers at pace on the entrance to Brundle, but it didn't stop Tom Roche from taking victory, unlike a puncture in the final race which did his hopes no good at all.

Roche was leading the race, but a flat right-hand front tyre saw him career off the road, at high speed, midway around Brundle, leaving Chrissy Palmer to pick up his first win. This left Robert Boston to take the win in the middle race, with Roche in his wheel tracks for much of the event.

Andy Woods Dean triumphed in the first Tin Top Challenge race.

But it was Ian Butler who won the second and third encounters while a broken exhaust saw his rival retire from the middle event and race to third from the rear of the grid in the final.

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