Internationals are rubbish – bring back the club football

Northern Ireland's Kyle Lafferty (left) and Czech Republic's Michal Kadlec battle for the ball durin

Northern Ireland's Kyle Lafferty (left) and Czech Republic's Michal Kadlec battle for the ball during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying match at the Generali Arena, Prague. Picture: Paul Harding/PA Wire - Credit: PA

As he pines for Norwich City's return to league action, Lee Payne suggests some parts of modern football which could be consigned to Room 101.

There's no Norwich City game to pull apart this week, and everything that could possibly be said about the club's dealings in the transfer market has been said – so for this column I thought I'd share what irritates me about football.

Here are three suggestions for what should be included in football's Room 101.

International breaks

This is a topical one, given that the reason Norwich didn't play at the weekend was because nine of their squad were away representing their countries.

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The problem I have with international breaks is that you wait all summer for the football season to start again, you just get into the rhythm of it a few games in, and then things are brought to a halt for two weeks.

Then we get going again, only for the same thing to happen in October and November. It's frustrating. International football is rubbish, as well – who exactly gains from the Republic of Ireland playing a friendly against Oman?

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Everyone knows England will qualify for the World Cup, too, so it's difficult to get excited about Sam Allardyce's side somehow managing to make a 5-0 win over Malta look laboured.

Fans leaving their seats before half-time or full-time

You wouldn't buy a ticket for the cinema or the theatre only to get up and leave five minutes before the end would you? Yet hundreds of people do this at Carrow Road at every home game.

Getting up a few minutes before half-time is just about acceptable – I can see why you'd want to try and beat the worst of the queues for the toilets or for a coffee – but I just don't understand those who leave the ground before the final whistle.

My idea for the seats to be like those you find on a rollercoaster, the ones that strap you in for the duration of the ride, sadly remains fantasy.

City always kicking towards the Barclay first

Selfish of me, granted, but it bugs me that Norwich City always seem to kick towards the Barclay End first at Carrow Road.

The players obviously like kicking towards their most vocal supporters first, but as someone who sits at that end it makes me feel detached from the game in the second half, when I reckon most of the action happens.

There are more, but I'm running out of space. What would you put in football's Room 101?

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