International dressage rider Andrew Gould shows off his skills at Snetterton

World Horse Welfare invited international dressage rider Andrew Gould to the centre in Snetterton for a lecture demo last Thursday.

Gould provided an enlightening display of horsemanship. Kicking things off with a five-year-old German-bred mare that he described as 'naturally downhill', and went on to talk about the challenges of the job.

'The reality of the industry is that no horse is perfect and a lot of the time you will have to work with some form of conformation fault,' he said. 'Riders can become obsessed with the head carriage – up, down, bent – but I think it's really important to think about the whole horse.'

The evening progressed to include some canter work and basic lateral movements before Gould dismounted and welcomed his groom, Sally Hubbard, in on the next horse. Gould completed the evening with an impressive display on his Grand Prix horse.

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