Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

I'd like to thank the fans who have been reading my column as I write my penultimate one of the season – especially those who contacted me on Twitter after my piece last week.

I was a bit worried I would come in for some flak after announcing I had ridden my last meeting for Lynn this season. However, I got some really good feedback, and lots of support.

Lots of fans Tweeted me to say they understood mine and Niels-Kristian Iversen's predicament and that we shouldn't feel bad about it. I'm really happy they took it so well because I love riding for Lynn – and our fans.

It was a massive shame that my last fixture in Stars colours in 2012 ended in defeat (48-42) at home to Birmingham last week. We just weren't good enough. We blew it. But fair play to the Brummies, they beat us fair and square.

I was pretty annoyed after being taken off by Nicolas Covatti in heat nine. Some riders deal well with incidents like that, especially if they know each other, but I don't. He came over muttering sorry or something in Italian and I told him (well I swore to be fair) to go away and leave me alone.

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He made a stupid move in my eyes. He hit me twice and I had my front wheel over the line. So I have no idea what gap he thought was there. He must have been riding on the concrete.

I heard him coming. I felt him. And then I lost my balance. I think my elbow got caught in my front wheel as I came off my bike and it felt pretty bad at the time. I wasn't pleased about it.

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Rob (Lyon) asked if I wanted to pull out but I couldn't really feel it because the adrenaline was pumping. I wanted to get on and do the job and try and help us win. Afterwards I wondered why I had because it was hurting so bad.

It was so disappointing to lose as we were all really pumped for it, even if we knew it would take a miracle to make the play-offs. We had Bomber (Chris Harris) in and he was a great guest but we just couldn't get it together.

I thought we might struggle in the return, and we did, but once again Niels carried the side without any massive help. It's happened too much this season. We haven't all been firing. We've always been carrying one or two, including me at times, and it's not been good enough.

We're a great bunch of riders and we can beat anyone on our night, like we did against Poole, but we've just struggled too often and lost too many meetings at home.

Now that we can't make the play-offs, it would be really nice for a new team to win the Elite League. I think a lot of people would like to see Lakeside win it (if they end up in the top four) for Lee Richardson. It would be awesome for the sport.

Away from life in England, I'll be riding in a play-off final for Rospiggarna in Sweden this week. If we win the two-legged affair we'll get promoted into the Swedish top flight and their equivalent of the Elite League.

I really hope we do. It's an amazing club, with a great set-up, and I really want to compete in the best league in each country I ride in.

The gates in the lower league they ride in (equivalent of Premier League) have been fantastic and they've got more people in as a result. Hopefully if we go up the fans will continue to support us in large numbers.

* Since writing his column Mads' side lost their Swedish play-off final. However, due to Lynn's rain-off on Wednesday he is now able to ride in the Stars' final meeting of the season on Monday.

Mads said on Twitter: 'Yay I can now do the last meeting for King's Lynn, that is perfect! But sorry for everyone there. Never cool with a rain off! #Happydays'

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