Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

Last week's derby at Peterborough was a bad night for three reasons: deflectors, the state of the track and the fact we lost.

It was just a bad night for us from start to finish and it began before we had even started racing.

Before the meeting the machine examiners told us that we had to take three dirt deflectors off our bikes because we had drilled holes in them. They were the right deflectors, which we have all had to buy, but we weren't allowed to do that to them.

So we were �450 out of pocket before we had even left the pits. It's just a joke because they've been brought in to make us safer (apparently), then a club provides a track like that.

It was a farce, to be fair. It was rideable, just, but it wasn't enjoyable. The Panthers management said their riders were happy with it, but I find that hard to believe.

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It was hard enough to get to the start it was that rough. But at the same time, as soon as those tapes go up you just get on with it because you're desperate to win. It's like you need brain surgery to stop you feeling like that – even though you know you're taking even more risks than usual.

As a team on the night we didn't use the track to our advantage. It was dodgy, but for some reason away teams usually do better because they only have to ride a rough circuit once and get out of there.

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Peterborough have to face that all season round. How we didn't get a win, or at least any points, I don't really know.

I don't understand how I was so off it and then came good later in the meeting, but it was just a really poor effort from the team. To lose to a side that only had five men with their number one (Kenneth Bjerre) not completing a ride meant it was really disappointing.

My week improved after that because I went to the Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff. It was an awesome trip and a brilliant GP too.

It's such a sociable event and you get to meet a lot of people that you haven't seen for quite a few years. The group I went with left on the Friday and we went to watch the Premier League pairs at Somerset, which was nice.

We stayed in Newport, which is where I used to live when I first came to Britain so that was good and then Cardiff obviously topped it off – what I can remember from it mind you!

It's like a mini festival of speedway and everyone has a drink and a laugh. And to see such good racing on a one-off track was also great. Over the last three years there's been a lot of progress with the make-up of these temporary circuits.

Before, they used to be horrible, like Peterborough. But the track in Wales was really good and made for some cracking racing. I would love to see the World Cup held at a place like the Millenium Stadium, or inside a big ground in Stockholm or Copenhagen.

Do all of the races in once place, including the qualifiers, and just turn it into a full festival of speedway. Have events during the day and just do a big showcase World Cup where everyone from different countries can mix together for a few days. It would be so cool.

Back to life at King's Lynn, I really hope Rob Lyon doesn't walk away. I know he couldn't do anything about the conditions at Peterborough and he hated it, but it would be such a shame.

He's a great team boss. I know he's been finding it hard this year with his own business on top of the speedway because he's been so busy.

But we're 100pc behind him because he's a tremendous man and a fantastic manager. I'd be really sad to see him go because he's been brilliant for me.

I've really enjoyed my time at Lynn and I put it down to him as much as anyone. More importantly though, who on earth would his replacement be?

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