Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

I'm sorry to say that my meeting at home for King's Lynn against Birmingham on Wednesday is likely to be my last in Stars' colours this season – and I'm gutted about it.

I couldn't ride in the return clash last night because I was racing in Sweden in my club's (Rospiggarna) play-off semi-final. We had a 28-point lead and the final is on Wednesday – when Lynn have their last meeting against Coventry.

The only way I could have ridden again for the Stars this season is if we make the play-offs. We can't know, but we never gave up fighting. It's just a shame I couldn't be there scrapping with the guys.

Missing meetings is horrible. It really is. You feel like you're caught in the middle. I said all season the rain-offs would cause a problem, and now they really have.

When you sign for a club you want to race all of their fixtures, even though you may have to miss one or two at most. But all season us riders have had to make decisions and they're not easy because you don't want to ruin your relationship with any of your clubs.

For years clubs in England have been wary of signing Polish riders due to their under-21 commitments. But it's been the same for all of us this year. You want to please everyone, but you can't.

I'm not missing Lynn's meetings because I want to. I've missed out on so many meetings abroad to be loyal to the Stars and now I've been told, fairly, I've got to give something back to my Swedish club.

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I think I've only missed one meeting for Lynn this season (Coventry away) because I was on Grand Prix qualification. But I've missed about five in Sweden and six or seven in Denmark.

I hate letting people down. I really do. When you ring your boss it feels like ringing up your girlfriend and breaking up with her. You can hear the disappointment in their voice as it puts them under pressure.

The rain-offs have made the difference and it's been out of control for us guys this season. I know Niels-Kristian Iversen feels the same. He got some stick on Twitter this week for what he wrote below which isn't fair.

He said: 'It sucks when you got three of your teams racing on the same day. Last Wednesday (v Swindon) could end up being my last home meeting for the Stars this year.

'To the people that's moaning, tell it to the people that set up the regulations. The riders are just set to follow them. In the end it's the riders who look bad because we are letting the teams down and we are losing income because we are missing out on meetings.'

I couldn't agree any more with Niels. His Tweets are a great example of how we all feel about it. Most of us can lose about �2,000 by missing a couple of meetings and it's not fair – especially on someone like Niels who is so loyal.

I understand the fans' frustration, but trust me, we are as frustrated as they are about it all. It's one big mess and the only way to ensure this happens less in the future is making sure certain countries can only hold speedway on definite nights of the week.

I've touched on it before, but it would make planning easier and a lot less problems if we ever have a summer as bad as this one again.

In better news, I was more than happy with finishing fourth in the Danish championships. It was a big achievement for me as I was so poor in the first meeting.

I'd like to take this opportunity, via my column, to say congratulations to Niels again. He's a great guy but he's deserved it. He's simply been the best Danish rider this season.

I'd hoped in my absence the Stars' would still have a play-off chance by the time I write my next column. Hopefully I'll also be racing in a play-off final over in Sweden (Mads will be). We're really hoping to get promoted as we've had a good season.

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