Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

I've raced over here since 2004 and Buster Chapman is definitely the best promoter I've ridden for in England.

There's a lot of rumours going around that some speedway riders are not getting paid on time but that's never been the case at King's Lynn. Buster's never missed a payment.

The man is a legend. He doesn't mess about. He gives 100pc to everything he does and he tells it straight – which is something I'd like to think I do myself.

People also perhaps don't realise how much time he puts into the track at the Norfolk Arena. It's the best in the world and always puts on a great show.

For those who do, they understand how many man hours he puts into preparing the surface at Saddlebow Road. I'd say he works harder than anyone else in the world. You've only got to ask the stock car guys who say it's one of the best tracks to race on too.

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On a personal level, Buster is one of the funniest guys you can meet. It always makes me laugh if he turns up to the track and he's had a day full of dealing with solicitors or too much office work.

He turns up, starts shouting, gets in his digger and gets out on the track to relieve his frustrations. In that sense, it's like what we do when we turn up and get on a speedway bike.

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Of course he runs a business, but I honestly believe he does what he does for the love of speedway. If not he'd pay someone else to get up at 4am to prepare the track. That said, he doesn't like office work so maybe he just does it to get away from that.

Buster makes people laugh. But my funniest moment of him during my two or so years at King's Lynn involved a late-night visit to the Arena.

Me and Fil (Filip Sitera) landed in England and were driving by the stadium at about 1am. I'd just picked up a pit bike so we went into the car park and I started revving the hell out of this motorbike.

I was pulling wheelies when I saw Buster, whose motorhome was parked up, in his underpants screaming and shouting at me.

He swore and said he had to be up at like 3am to get the track ready and if I didn't clear off he'd crush my bike with his digger.

He gave us a right telling off so we left. I hadn't been at Lynn long so I was a bit scared he would have a go when I turned up later that night to race.

But when I arrived he had a big laugh about it and kept saying 'I hate you guys, I hate you guys, but you keep me young'. It's just a sign of what a top bloke he is.

Buster has so much respect among all the riders – he really is one of life's good guys.

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