Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

It's not been easy to top-score for King's Lynn this season because of Niels (Kristian Iversen), but I was pleased to do so against Eastbourne and Peterborough.

Niels has been brilliant for us, but as I said I was looking to pick up my own form and hopefully I can keep that going from here on in.

It can be a bit up and down at Eastbourne and it's not really a place I like. But I scored 10 there and in the end we were disappointed not to come away with a point, even if we were hampered by using rider replacement.

I wasn't meant to be in heat 15 either so that was a bit of an experience. My bike was practically in the van, I had half of my kevlars off, and Rob (Lyon) came running into the pits telling me to get back out there because Niels had been excluded.

I had like 30 seconds to get up to the tapes. I got there with 10 left, and then won the race. It just reminded me how simple speedway can be sometimes.

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I really enjoyed the meeting against Peterborough at home. Derbies are always good and it was even better to win it, score 13, and do it on Buster's (Chapman) big night.

The main reason I think I've done a bit better of late, especially at home, is because I've changed my exhaust. I had been using one abroad that had been working well, so I kept using it in England.

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The King one I was riding with just wouldn't work around Lynn and I was too stubborn to change it. I thought, it had worked everywhere else so it must work around the Norfolk Arena.

But I had to eat my words in the end and I changed to the DEP one. It's got the same horsepower, but there's more torque in the lower region of the revs which it turns out is good for grippy starts at Lynn.

It just seems, for whatever reason, I was having no joy with the King exhaust at all. Whatever I did it wasn't possible to score big points. Hopefully I can keep it up now that I have my machinery firing.

There's no way I, or anyone, can catch Niels in the averages, but I would really like to finish second in our own team's standings. I think it's what a captain should be doing.

Those rain-offs are still causing problems – even though we've had more meetings of late. Rearranged fixtures are still clashing with meetings abroad. It's why Niels couldn't face Eastbourne yesterday, which is of course a blow. But I don't blame him for missing our meeting. He had agreed to ride for them, before our fixture got rearranged, and it's written into his contract that he can't miss their fixtures.

I want to put my whole effort into riding for King's Lynn and I want us to make the play-offs. It's not ideal, but if I have to miss Danish fixtures to do so, then I would do.

That said, I obviously want to keep my slot at Outrup, so it's difficult. Especially if we get to the point where Lynn can't make the top four and then to be fair it would be easier to choose to ride in Denmark.

We can't afford any slip-ups from now and we need to go and get some really big, and difficult, results before the end of the season.

We've got to go to Peterborough, who are flying at home right now, and come back with a big win to pick up some massive points. It will be tough. We also have to welcome Swindon at home and we need to win that well to take points off them.

It's almost becoming do-or-die for our play-off hopes now, which obviously isn't great.

But we need to give everything to try and keep our dream alive and I will be doing my best – and I'm sure the lads will as well – to try and make sure we sneak into the top four come September.

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