Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

The World Cup highlighted it more than ever so it's time to admit that the joker in our sport is one thing – and that is a joke.

It's making a mockery of speedway. During the final, riders were cutting off so they didn't get the points that would have allowed the Australians to use it.

I don't blame those who did it because they were playing the game. But things like that take away from why we all love speedway – the pure racing element of it.

It's just as bad in the Elite League. You do all that hard work to build up a lead, like we did at Poole. Then they use a joker, get huge points, and it undoes everything.

It's not fair for promoters, team bosses, riders or the fans who pay to watch fair racing. I know everybody knows how the rule works, but it's not right. I'm totally in favour of it being pulled out of our sport.

I can't think of any other sports that give you the chance to get double points, runs, or goals once you are behind.

I'm all for the tactical sub remaining, ie being able to bring in say Niels-Kristian Iversen for Kevin Wolbert if we're behind, but that's just like a change you'd make in football.

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Double points punish teams that are winning and it's not right. A lot of the promoters are against it. And we were talking in the pits about it the other night – it's just not fair.

Riders can score double, but they don't get paid for the points so we have no financial desire to support the joker either. I'd throw it out. But if it had to be kept in I'd ban home teams from using it. If you can't cope without playing the joker at home you shouldn't deserve to use it.

On a more positive note I was delighted with our draw at Swindon on Thursday. Getting that result felt like a win because they've been flying. Hopefully we can keep that form up in our next meetings and I was happier with my eight, paid 10.

I got in the mix, got my elbows out, and made a few passes so I was much more pleased with my display too.

Away from our sport of two wheels, I've really been admiring the guys who race in the Tour de France. What they do, and the speeds they do it at, is unreal. They're so determined and brave.

There are quite a few Danes in it which makes me laugh as they can't ride up big mountains in our country because it's as flat as a pancake. But watching it has made me want to get on a racing bike and get out on the road.

They're as fearless as we are in one sense. Because although they may have brakes, when they come down them hills in the rain they may as well not have them!

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