Inside Track: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

I'm really happy that Niels-Kristian Iversen, Kevin Wolbert and I all made it through our Speedway Grand Prix qualification quarter-finals on Saturday.

It's good for King's Lynn and it was also good for us to see that we got a point at Coventry in mine, Niels and Maciej Janowski's absence. But now we've got another logistical nightmare.

Instead of knowing where we will race in our semi-final, like you would do by winning a quarter-final in Euro 2012, we still haven't got a clue. It's not rocket science to organise.

We have a meeting against Poole on Friday, June 29, but so far we don't know whether we will be racing our semi in Denmark, Italy or the Czech Republic the next day. How are we meant to book flights or plan anything?

It's disappointing and hard for us and the guys at Lynn to work out whether we can be there, although we all want to, for the Poole meeting.

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The whole way the qualification is set up isn't fair any more either. I think we should bring back the Grand Prix challenge that would see the bottom seven in the standings race off against qualifying hopefuls for seven places in the Grand Prix.

Now, if we get through our semis, there's only three slots up for grabs. And riders like Chris Harris – who rides across Europe and in the GPs – has had to get involved in the qualifiers to try and make sure, for certain, that he can be involved in the Grand Prix next year.

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Niels has been the best rider outside of the GP without a doubt this season, but what happens if he misses a start or drops a chain in the qualifying final? He's then not going to make it because of one slip-up.

It's all politics again because they want to make sure that certain countries have a rider, or a couple, in the GPs. I've said it before and I'll say it again – it's wrong. It should be the best 15 riders.

Our next home meeting is against Poole and we can take heart from our display there last week. I was personally disappointed with my display, but it was one heck of a team performance to get a point. Losing seven points in the tactical ride swung it in their favour and we could have won. I hope we are at full-strength when they come to Lynn because Darcy Ward is out and we need to take full advantage of it. Poole, and him, have been like a steam train this season.

If we keep picking up away points, and win our home meetings, I think we're looking sweet for the play-offs. The table isn't doing us justice right now as we've only ridden at home five times.

* Since writing his article for Thursday's pull-out, Mads has found out he will be unable to ride against Poole. He is simply unable to get to his semi-final in Czech Republic in time if he faces the Pirates at the Norfolk Arena.


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