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I can't believe Niels-Kristian Iversen wasn't given the wild card slot for the Speedway Grand Prix in Denmark – it's a joke.

He's been outstanding this season and there was no other choice. But the Danmarks Motor Union (DMU) didn't pick him because they want to bring young riders through (they gave it to 20-year-old Michael Jepsen Jensen).

I just don't get it because they've got to do what's fair. Niels has been fantastic in England for King's Lynn and in Poland and Sweden. His age (29) shouldn't matter.

Over the years the GPs have become more of a show and it's all about politics now. It's often about who knows who. The best riders in the world are involved, but definitely not the absolute best 16, which is what it should be about.

I'd usually say riders should be quiet and let results speak for themselves, but Niels has been doing just that. The whole situation makes you laugh really.

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I've been in his shoes before where I feel I've been let down by the federation. But you know they've made the wrong decision when you see what riders have been posting on Twitter.

They're all shocked because everyone's been saying Niels has been flying so the surprise is genuine.

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I just hope their dreadful decision inspires our number one even more. He can prove them wrong by keep winning races for us and the Danish team in the World Cup. He will be even more fired up now and that can only benefit Lynn.

Niels was fantastic again during our win against Wolves last Wednesday. Rob Lyon said go out and enjoy it; we did, and we won so it was a perfect night.

I said to the lads lets not just beat them, let's hammer them by 20 points because they were looking weak without Ty Woffinden. We smashed them so we were all happy.

Everybody chipped in, apart from Mateusz (Szczepaniak), who struggled a bit. But we all gave him advice and kept getting him going. Now he said he's going to get his engine rebuilt, which shows how much he wants to win.

Joe Screen is so laid back, likes a laugh and keeps everybody smiling. He's enjoying his racing, got another great score, and nearly beat Freddie Lindgren. He's riding so well.

I guested again on Monday, this time for Belle Vue, and it made me appreciate how good it is at Lynn. They got absolutely hammered (60-33 by Swindon) and I was shocked by how bad their team spirit was.

There was no will power, passion, and barely any camaraderie – something we've got plenty of at Lynn.

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