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A van was used to try and flatten the track the first time Poole tried to host Lynn. Picture: Ian Bu

A van was used to try and flatten the track the first time Poole tried to host Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

The first I knew about King's Lynn's meeting at Poole Pirates being postponed on Monday was when I sat down to watch the television.

Stars' chief Buster Chapman at Wimborne Road on Monday. Picture: Ian Burt

Stars' chief Buster Chapman at Wimborne Road on Monday. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

I'd just got back in from Poland, more on that later, and was going to tune into Sky Sports to see how we got on. But I was a bit late and I only realised when I just saw racing from Swindon v Coventry. I then heard Lynn had been called off due to an unsafe track.

Whenever conditions are bad riders need to stick together and work out what's going to happen. A promoter and the television companies will want to get it on but it's the riders who have to go out there and race. It's important, even if it's a big meeting with a lot depending on it, that the guys are listened to. If they think the track is not raceable then that's the key reason to whether it should be postponed.

It's difficult for me to decide whether meetings should be called off a lot earlier in the day. In some countries like Poland a decision can be made the day before if they think there's definitely going to be a problem. After 8pm then it has to be called off on the day of the race by a referee at the track.

You can't start having meetings just called off by anybody. If it's just down to the promoter then it could get abandoned because they're struggling with their team.

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For me, the call has to be made by an independent official. I know it's more convenient for riders and supporters if it's abandoned early but in lots of countries – and at Lynn thanks to Buster Chapman (pictured) – they can turn a track round in an hour or so and still get the meeting on. If you've got the right equipment it can be done. Unfortunately, Poole didn't seem to have it.

The fixture being called off doesn't paint British speedway in a good light either. There's always a problem when you see that it's not going to happen and a hopeless effort is taking place. But I suppose that's better than no effort being made at all.

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It was such a shame to see it happen as 24 hours earlier I'd been watching my Polish team Gorzow beat Leszno to win our league. The place was absolutely on fire as it was the club's first title in 31 years. It was nice to be there but it was also quite agonising not to be a part of it on the track.

The club made every effort to get me involved and it was nice that they just haven't forgotten about me because I can't ride. I've been there four seasons now so I'd like to think I've done a lot for the club as I haven't missed many meetings. I helped put the points on the board that got us to the play-offs so I feel I've been a big part of it – and am still a big part of the club.

It wasn't a huge party after for us guys but I know we're going to be having a big ceremony soon and I'm really looking forward to that.

As for the atmosphere and the crowd – well it's just something you only see in Britain at the Grand Prix in Cardiff. All you could see was blue and yellow and it looked unbelievable. It's completely different to what we see anywhere else and it would be nice to see that sort of thing over in the UK.

- Niels-Kristian Iversen was talking to Gavin Caney.

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