Inside Track 2013: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

Stars' skipper Mads Korneliussen can't even go for a casual ride on his bike at the moment. Picture:

Stars' skipper Mads Korneliussen can't even go for a casual ride on his bike at the moment. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating my life has become thanks to my injuries.

It's not the break in my back, or the one in my shoulder blade, which is causing me problems now. It's the ligaments in both of my shoulders. I've stretched both this season and my left one is now mince. I've not been on a speedway bike because I can't even ride a push bike. I'm not feeling optimistic about it all as I've never been injured for this long. It's doing my head in.

I'm doing all my exercises. But every time I look at my calendar and see July 4 circled for a comeback it scares me. The closer it gets I just don't seem to be getting any better.

I can sit still, drink coffee and talk on the phone. But as soon as I do anything it hurts. I can't even go for a run. It really sucks. I'm trying to work hard on it as I don't want a 'frozen' shoulder. But with ligament damage you just can't tell how it's healing.

Niels-Kristian Iversen rode six weeks after breaking his shoulder blade one year and he struggled for the rest of it because it wasn't right. I don't want to come back too early. But I do need the money as I can't even do a normal job right now. I'm screwed.

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Back to the guys who can ride, it was a massive win for King's Lynn over Wolverhampton last week. They're top and it's good to beat them at home – especially as we could meet them in the play-offs. It's nice to know they're doing well without me.

Richie Worrall got a huge score and it's nice to see because although I've only done a couple of meetings with him he's a really nice guy. He's enjoying racing in the Elite League and the Premier League which is keeping him busy.

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I'm glad he's been picked in Great Britain's provisional World Cup squad. And I'd be surprised if he didn't get a slot for a round in his own back yard at Lynn. I'd pick him and Craig Cook. With the way Woffy (Tai Woffinden), is riding, if they can get Bomber (Chris Harris) at it – with Richie helping them all with their set-ups – I think GB could do really well.

- Mads Korneliussen was talking to Gavin Caney.

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