Inside Track 2013: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

Andrej Lebedev would benefit from a transfer window, according to Mads Korneliussen. Picture: Matthe

Andrej Lebedev would benefit from a transfer window, according to Mads Korneliussen. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

I think it's time for speedway to introduce transfer windows like other sports have.

I'm not a fan of the squad system in places like Sweden but I like how they only have a couple of times a year when you can make changes to a team. It means riders get a fair run in the side.

Some teams swap riders on an almost weekly basis, especially in places like Denmark. I absolutely hate it. As soon as a rider gets a bad score they're sacked. It's stupid. From week-to-week there can be four or five new faces and that doesn't create team bonding – or team riding.

Fans like to see the same riders. So I think a window would benefit everyone. New riders can be given the chance to get used to a track. Instead of being really under pressure from the word go, they could have a bit of time to improve. Come the window, if it still hadn't worked out, then it would be understandable, and fairer than it is now, to be let go.

In any other walk of life, or sports like football, you can't just be sacked – unless it's for gross misconduct. There are procedures. Contracts have to be honoured and paid off. But speedway has its own set of rules.

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It's a system for the clubs, not the riders. You can get sacked in two countries overnight and have no job. How is that fair? Without us, there's no sport. But we're so badly looked after it's untrue.

I know it wouldn't work well with injuries. But that's part and parcel of sport. And I'm sure emergency measures could be installed to make that work – or simply by continuing the use of guest bookings. A transfer window could be quite exciting for the fans too. All this speculation about who's going where and what averages would fit in what team.

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It happens before the season starts and the teams are announced and it would give people something to talk about – especially on deadline day.

I just think a transfer window, or windows, would help safeguard us as riders, allow others time to develop – especially new guys in a country like our own Andrej Lebedev – and take a bit more pressure off those in speedway who, don't forget, have to score points to earn their wages.

Back to personal matters, I saw a doctor this week and he was really happy with how the breaks in my back and shoulder blade have healed. I'm off to see a physio in a few days. I'll know more then about how my ligaments are looking. Fingers crossed, I could be back riding soon after the World Cup.

- Mads Korneliussen was talking to Gavin Caney.

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