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Kozza Smith has been replaced in the line-up, a decision which tugged at the heartstrings of many of

Kozza Smith has been replaced in the line-up, a decision which tugged at the heartstrings of many of the King's Lynn Stars' hierarchy. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

I feel exactly the same way that Rob Lyon does about Kozza Smith's departure – gutted.

I didn't really want us to make any changes to the team this season because I think the best teams are often the ones that stay loyal to their boys. Kozza has done his fair share of hard rides this season and maybe he could have done more if he was given a bit more time. But that's something we haven't really got.

I spoke to Rob before the news come out and I know he's gutted. It was a really difficult situation, but with the way the averages work he had to go for it now. It's just one of those things I suppose. I think Rob gave him a chance, and wanted him to improve, but I'm sure the decision in the long run is one which Kozza will benefit from.

He can focus on his Premier League racing and getting some big scores, which he has had, but he's been a bit up and down at times so now he can get his head down and come back bigger and better. I'm sad to see him go as he's a good guy and funny to have around.

Richie Worrall has replaced him, a guy I don't really know. He parked next to me at the Ben Fund Bonanza and he seemed nice. He's obviously a talented rider too, which we've seen recently, as he did a brilliant job here for Coventry as a guest recently.

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He had a blinder of a meeting, which we can't ask from him every Wednesday, but something similar most weeks would be awesome. While it's a blow to be losing Kozza, it's great to bring in Richie, who I think will help improve our chances of winning the championship.

He signed for Lakeside, then left and joined Belle Vue, and is now with us on loan. So he's had three teams already this season. So one of my jobs as captain is hopefully to make him feel settled at King's Lynn and to start enjoying his racing again.

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He won't be able to ride with Simon Stead this week, I think, as he's sidelined with a shoulder problem. He dislocated it while riding for Sheffield. Thankfully, it's not too serious, but I hope he doesn't rush back too early.

I tried it once and because I kept riding it took six months before it got better. Niels (Kristian Iversen) and Nicolai (Klindt) have had problems with their shoulders too. It's a part of the body, like the knees, that shouldn't be messed about with. He should take his time to recover and come back when he's 100pc.

Back to racing, it was good to beat Eastbourne at home last week. And I'd just like to clear up my bust-up with Cam (Cameron Woodward) after heat 15. I spoke to him after it all calmed down and he knows he made a bad move by shutting off near the line. It was dangerous for everyone and I ran into the back of him. I admit I saw red and lost it completely.

I went after him straight away and there was a bit of punching in the pits, but I don't think anybody got hurt and we're all pretty lucky nobody got fined. If I'm honest I think the fans enjoyed it as it was like an ice hockey match! Either way, I know I shouldn't have done it, but sometimes you react when you think something is unfair. Cam and I were ok before the incident, we've ridden together, and we've never had a problem – and we won't now either. He's a cool guy.

Finally, I'd just like to say the Grand Prix in Poland on Saturday was the best one I've watched for years. The racing was phenomenal, which was brilliant as usually I can find the GPs a bit boring. There was a lot of passing and Niels did alright again which was good.

I watched it with a couple of friends. When Niels races I cheer and shout and jump on the sofa, and I do the same if he does something bad or makes a mistake. I always want someone to cheer if not I don't really enjoy it, so I'm definitely supporting my team-mate and friend this series.

- Mads Korneliussen was talking to Gavin Caney.

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