Howard tops the charts in Help for Heroes fight

SEA FISHING: The Help for Heroes match showed that the rivers can be a source of sport when things go quiet on the beach, with 52 of the 63 anglers catching countable fish.

N Howard of Team Veals claimed top spot with a stunning 8lb 9oz. Second spot went to S Drayton with 8lb 4oz, while M Taylor took third with an ounce over 6lb.

Top teams on the day were Imax Team Snags followed by Team Rite gear with Team Veals Mail Order in third spot, a good solid match with plenty of fish showing for the competitors.

You can compare the river match with Holt SAC's latest summer league match down at Bacton, when weed and bright conditions made it difficult for those taking part. Paul Fenech managed three fish, including a couple of sizeable bass, for 3lb 14oz, Sam Attew came in second with five fish for 2lb 7oz and Dick Able's three fish earned him third spot with 1lb 15oz. There were a lot of undersized bass caught, which is a positive sign for the future. There have been a few mackerel show off the shingle, but you seem to have to catch it right – if the sea lifts and we get a bit of colour they seem to go as quickly as they come.

There have been one or two reasonable catches round towards Yarmouth, Simon Roberts and Stephen Boyce getting amongst some small smoothounds, and a few school bass at Caister.

Simon managed the best hound at a respectable 6lb 4oz – cracking sporting fish and if they're about they can give you frenetic sport.

Lowestoft south pier has produced a few sole too. Hopefully they will show more consistently if these warm and settled conditions continue. Dunwich, too, has produced some smoothound pups and a few flats, including an odd sole for those trying their hand down there. Southwold must be worth a go for the sole now and there's usually a few bass about too. Further south and the reports dry up a little. I haven't heard anything at all from Aldeburgh or Orford and with holidaymakers making the most of the sunny weather the only real chance of sport is to fish late at night or very early in the morning.