Great Yarmouth student Ben Karaosman claims bronze in World Powerlifting Congress

Powerlifter Ben Karaosman who claimed bronze in the World Powerlifting Congress.

Powerlifter Ben Karaosman who claimed bronze in the World Powerlifting Congress. - Credit: Emily Millar

A Great Yarmouth strongman has lifted his way to a bronze medal on the world stage.

Ben Karaosman, a 20-year-old student, claimed third place in the World Powerlifting Congress competition, held in Louisiana, United States, in one class even lifting almost double his own body weight.

Representing Great Britain in the 125kg weight category (19st 7lbs), Karaosman was required to squat, bench press and deadlift different weights, competing against fellow powerlifters from across the world.

He managed to lift 202.5kg (31st 9lbs) in the squat, 125kg in the bench press and a whopping 225kg (35st 4lbs) in the deadlift, securing himself third place in the competition over all.

He said: 'It's a true honour to represent my country and show the world what I can do. I was a victim of bullying because of my weight at a young age.

'Whenever someone tries to discourage me or bully me, it fuels me to prove them wrong, so all I have to say to them is 'thank you'.

'It was amazing to win a medal in something I love and it was great to be part of a GB team that all help each other in any way we can to win.

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'My goal in the future is to obtain the gold in the world championships.'

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