Grant Holt reveals dream of appearing at WrestleMania

Holt will pair with Zak Knight to take on Kosta K and Prince Malik. Picture: WAW/Twitter

Holt will pair with Zak Knight to take on Kosta K and Prince Malik. Picture: WAW/Twitter - Credit: Archant

City legend Grant Holt has set his sights on WWE's WrestlMania after his successful wrestling debut.

The former Canaries striker, who teaches in Norwich City's academy, revealed the plans in an interview with The Sun.

He said that it was a childhood dream of his to perform in the world's most famous ring.

Mr Holt told The Sun: 'When I was younger I dreamed about being on Match of the Day and I achieved that one.

'When I was younger I also dreamed about being in WrestleMania, so you just never know.

Grant Holt with the Crusher Mason Trophy. Picture: WAW

Grant Holt with the Crusher Mason Trophy. Picture: WAW - Credit: Archant

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'I fulfilled one dream, I might just go and fulfil the other one.

'I remember Hulk Hogan, I remember the Undertaker; everyone remembers it in the 1990s because anyone born in the 1980s used to watch it.

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'I think it's now got a stigma where you kind of get 'too old to watch it' - but it's just entertainment.'

In September Holt made his debut in the world of wrestling when he appeared as a surprise entrance into WAW British Wrestling's 40-man rumble.

His debut was expected at Fightmare 3 in 2019, to give him time to train, but he climbed in the ring almost a year early.

His debut came just hours after appearing on BT Sport covering Eastleigh Football Club against Dagenham and Redbridge.

Mr Holt added: 'The thing with me is that when I get offered a challenge I can't help myself because I want to do it at the best of my ability.

'That's what shocked most people because I decided to do it in a 40-man Rumble, that I actually got a bit of a kicking in there, and that I wrestled really well and ended up winning.

'I was there in the trousers and jumper I'd worn from the morning at BT but I thought there's no time like the present. If you're going to do it then go in and do it.'

The former strike, who helped Norwich to back to back league wins, revealed who he would have as his tag-team partner from the footballing world.

He said: 'I think you'd have to go big, wouldn't you? I think I'd have to pick big Ade Akinfenwa from Wycombe.

'If I really need someone from the market I'd go for Akinfenwa because he'd help me out and no one is going to mess with me if I'm stood next to him.'

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