Gossy reminds us what the cycle challenge is all about

Amidst all the pumping and pedalling I'm putting in for my Back to Bayern bike ride, it's easy to forget the reason I'm doing this – to raise as much money as possible so that the Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind can continue its marvellous work in our county.

As the charity's events fundraiser I've been privileged in the last few months to see at first hand the work that its amazing team of staff and volunteers do for the blind and visually impaired people of Norfolk – all 20,000 of them.

The whole ethos is to try and keep people in their own homes, living independent lives, while offering support and advice to make that possible. They run eye clinics, they advise on aids, they provide sports and education opportunities, and when people do need that bit of extra help, they have wonderful home-from-home accommodation to live out those final years.

And they do it all without any State funding. All of the money raised by the NNAB comes from donations, legacies and the like, and all of it is spent on Norfolk people when they need it most.

That's what my B-to-B ride is all about, and it's why I would sincerely ask you to sponsor me.

Loads of Norwich fans are kind enough to tell me what pleasure they got from my 1993 goal against Bayern Munch, and if that's the case for you, I'd appreciate you showing your appreciation by digging deep.

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You can donate via www.nnab.org.uk.

To keep up to date with Gossy and his Back to Bayern Challenge visit www.edp24.co.uk/jeremygoss

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