Gossy hits ‘The Wall’ on Back to Bayern training

With so much hurt in the world I don't want to sound like I'm whinging, but I have to confess I'm finding my Back to Bayern training hard going at the moment.

I think it's what marathon runners call 'The Wall', and right now, I'm hitting it big time.

It's the same feeling as I used to get two or three days into pre-season training as a pro-footballer – mental rather than physical, that sense of lethargy, that it would never come right, and that whatever I did to shake myself up, I was just cream crackered.

Back at the Fortress Trowse training camp in those days, all us players would do our best to give each other that psychological lift, and I well remember the likes of ultra-competitive Big Dave Watson geeing us up to engender team spirit and keep us going. And it was up to the coaches, of course, to give everyone a collective roasting to give us the edge and in the right frame of mind.

Tough love, certainly. But it worked.

The trouble is that for this cycle training, I'm a team of one, and that's where the self discipline to give myself that proverbial kick up the wotsit is so much harder.

So I must admit I'm feeling a little sorry for myself just now. But there is a way to tackle it - for you great Norwich City fans and supporters of the NNAB to make a donation. That, I suspect, is all the incentive I need.

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