Gallow storm on in Yetton

Gallow IBC met Norfolk IBC in round three of the Yetton Trophy – and scored a very convincing 106-58 victory, winning on all rinks. The home rinks won by 26 and eight shots, while the away rinks won by eight and six.

Scores, Gallow first: Beryl Williamson, Viv Howe, Josie Wright, Louise Hannant 34; Jenny Moore, Ros Sutherland, Kay Carrick, Linda Bennett 8. Cheryl Lincoln, Gill Savory, Janet Green, Suzanne King 20; Ann Dowe, Anne Read, Jean Edwards, Liz Sabberton 12. Ann Leverett, Sheila Cox, Pauline Frost, Coralie Bell 27; Louise Knights, Marlene Freeman, Laurie Millbank, Joyce Webster 19. Linda Ward, Barbara Kiddle, Phyl Jarvis, Maureen Emment 25; Pat Horstead, Jackie Andrews, Judith Phillips, Valerie Whitehead 19.

Gallow now play North Walsham, who beat County Arts in a much closer game 76-70. In the Yetton Plate, it finished Acle 71, Beccles 70 – Acle now play Wymondham Dell, who got a walkover from Pentney.