Frustration for Langley after Taylor’s Caterham Superlight double at Snetterton

Ollie Taylor left Norfolk on Sunday night celebrating a season opening Caterham Superlight double victory over a frustrated Terry Langley after two of the closest finishes of the season so far at Snetterton.

Norwich's Ian Anderson's step up to the series saw a reasonable debut with 14th place in the opening encounter before improving to seventh in the second.

In the opening race Anderson had been on the edge of the top 10 before dropping back, while in race two he progressed to fifth place before being elbowed backwards.

Ely-based Caterham Supersport racer Rod Arnold's season didn't start well with a non-finish but he followed it up with 18th in race two having started from the rear of the large grid.

Alexander Gurr and Stephen Nuttall shared the honours in the Caterham Roadsports races with Michael Gazda a double Tracksport victor.

Matthew Davies was chased home by Andrew Clarkson in the first Mazda MX5 race before Clarkson won race two.

In the multi class Ford Fiesta races David Abbott reigned supreme followed home on each occasion by Ian Scruton.

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In the opening Fiesta Junior race James JJ Ross and Roy Collingbourne were the only classified finishers after the rest of the field were eliminated.

Race two fell to Alfonso Skriczka after Alex Reed caused a race stoppage and Ross was left on the side-lines.

There were different winners in the Fiesta Class C races, David Ellesley and Nicholas Bowers, after a mid race mistake knocked Ellesley from a potential second win.

The visiting overseas racers, Bart van Os and Max van Splunteren, won the three Formula Ford events with the former triumphing twice.

• Results

Caterham Superlight – Race One: 1 Ollie Taylor, 2 Terry Langley, 3 Adam Balon.

Race Two: 1 Ollie Taylor, 2 Terry Langley, 3 Flick Haigh.

Caterham Supersport – Race One: 1 Mike Hart, 2 David Robinson, 3 Lee Wiggins.

Race Two: 1 Mike Hart, 2 Adam White, 3 David Robinson.

Caterham Roadsport – Race One: 1 Alexander Gurr, 2 Stephen Nuttall, 3 Pete Fortune.

Race Two: 1 Stephen Nuttall, 2 Pete Fortune, 3 Alexander Gurr.

Caterham Tracksport – Race One: 1 Michael Gazda, 2 Oliver Jarratt, 3 Paul Lewis.

Race Two: 1 Michael Gazda, 2 Paul Lewis, 3 Oliver Jarratt.

Mazda MX5 Super Cup – Race One: 1 Matthew Davies, 2 Andrew Clarkson, 3 Justin Newnam.

Race Two: 1 Andrew Clarkson, 2 Paul Sheard, 3 Justin Newnam.

Ford Fiesta Classes A, B & D – Race One: 1 David Abbott, 2 Ian Scruton, 3 Andrew Mollison.

Race Two: 1 David Abbott, 2 Ian Scruton, 3 Alan Donnelly.

Ford Fiesta Class C – Race One: 1 David Ellesley, 2 Curtis Mitchell, 3 Lee Napolitano.

Race Two: 1 Nicholas Bowers, 2 Lee Napolitano, 3 Curtis Mitchell.

Junior Ford Fiesta – Race One: 1 James JJ Ross, 2 Roy Collingbourne.

Race Two: 1 Alfonso Skriczka, 2 Robert Cox, 3 Natasha Hussain.

Formula Ford Duratec _ Race One: 1 Bart van Os (Mygale SJ10), 2 Max van Splunteren (Mygale (SJ10), 3 Wouter Boerenkamps (Mygale SJ10).

Race Two: 1 Max van Splunteren, 2 Wouter Boerenkamps, 3 Bart van Os.

Race Three: 1 Bart van Os, 2 Max van Splunteren, 3 Abdul Ahmed (Mygale SJ10).