Former world boxing champion Herbie Hide in court for unpaid fine

A former world boxing champion told Norwich Magistrates' Court today he could not pay a �1,500 fine for assaulting a man.

He said he was being hampered by a bad back in a bid to box again and had no other income.

Hide, 40, of Long Lane, Bawburgh, told the Evening News he was now considering appealing the common assault case to which he originally pleaded guilty, resulting in the fine.

He owes the court �150 in costs, a �350 fine and �1,000 compensation to the victim.

The court heard that the father-of-four thought the fine was set too high because of who he was.

The two-time WBO world heavyweight champion said: 'I was meant to be fighting but I'm getting old now. I'm getting a bad back.'

Magistrates gave him until the end of March to pay.