Former Commonwealth heavyweight champion Sam Sexton makes a statement

Sam Sexton was a happy man after 'making a statement' in front of his home fans at the Norfolk Showground.

The former Commonwealth heavyweight champion enjoyed a comfortable return to the Norwich ring, finishing off Tayer Mehmed one minute and 10 seconds into the second round with a series of clubbing punches that had the Bulgarian trapped on the ropes with no escape from the punishment.

Mehmed has won only five of 29 fights, but the important stat is that he has only been stopped once before.

Sexton, whose last outing was a fourth-round defeat by rising star David Price in May, admitted he wasn't looking to hang around.

'I am happy with that,' he said. 'I was never too worried about tonight, if I am honest. I think in the past I have been winning fights on the jab and just been comfortable and been happy to win the fight on points, but I think now, especially after Price as well and the fact I should be in my prime at 28, I have to make a statement. I have got to start knocking people out. This is a guy who hardly ever gets stopped so I had to make a statement just to prove I can do it. That is what I have to do now – up my game and make a statement by stopping people.

'I didn't go in there to stop him, I didn't deliberately go to blast him out, but I wanted to get my shots together and just up the game.'

While Sexton hopes for a third British title shot, it's likely that a couple more outings like Saturday's – his first on home territory since March, 2007 – are on the cards.

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'We will get into the gym and see what (trainer) Graham (Everett) wants to do,' he said. 'There's talk of a British title eliminator, but I would rather have a couple of six-rounders and get back in there, get a couple of stoppages.

'It was a good atmosphere here – Norwich fans, Sexton is on fire, let's go for it.'

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