Fly Fishing: Duo impress at Rib Valley


Naturals are catching well at Blackdyke this week. Buzzers, hares ears, and bloodworms are all catching close to the bank on floating lines with a very slow retrieve.

Rib Valley trout fishery had a good match on Sunday with 19 anglers braving the weather to catch 63 fish with a nice 6lb 11ozs rainbow being caught and released by Tim Joyce which was entered into the trout masters competition. Bill Copin, a local angler, caught a nice brown in the week weighing in at 4lb 2ozs which was also entered.

Nar Valley

On the coarse fish front, the change in the weather and the change of the month has persuaded the carp to feed well. The first fish out was a lovely 31lb common carp landed by Mark Thorpe from Fenn Lake. Lake Geneva has also woken up, with Ian Jarrold banking a superb 31lb mirror from the venue.

A few other carp have been landed in the mid-20s range including a 34lb 8oz mirror by an unknown member.

Members are reminded permit renewal notices are out with a March 31 deadline, thereafter the permits are available to all. For more information contact Chris on 01553 636507.

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Willow Lakes

All anglers are catching their limits at Willow Lakes. Hares ear nymphs and dark lures are the most successful flies. With the cooler weather, slow sinking lines or weighted flies will be needed.


We have had an interesting week this week with different methods catching fish on different days, so trial and error is important. An indicator with a bloodworm or small nymph set at 4-5 feet or an intermediate line with small lure pulled fast just under the surface have both worked well. Best fish this week was a beautiful brown trout around the 7lb mark, whick was returned.

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