Fly Fishing: Black drys the choice as the trout head up

Blackdyke Trout Fishery

The fishery is still in good form, with plenty of people catching well on floating lines with small black drys being favourite at the moment.

Buzzers are also taking fish.

Most of the trout are in the top three feet of water and can be seen free rising when terrestrials fall onto the water.

The big fish has not been caught yet, with many anglers seeing it swimming close to the margins. If anyone fancies trying their luck then get along – there is a �50 prize up for catching it.

Rocklands Mere Fishery

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With spring-like weather rather than summer at the moment, the fishing has been pretty constant over the last week.

Buzzers have started catching fish again, static olive or black buzzers accounting for more fish than dry flies, probably due to the heavy rain.

Darren Smith from Suffolk took four fish and released a further 11 on Saturday. All were caught on small buzzers on a floating line from the far end of the lake, black and olive being the preferred colour.

Big brown trout have also been showing up, particularly when fishing the margins. Fish of between four and six pounds are common and are generally caught within four to six feet from the bank.

For more information or to book, please call James at the lodge on 01953 483971.

Willow Lakes

Fishing at Willow Lakes has, like the weather, been variable.

Dry flies are still reliable when the weather is calm and warm.

Otherwise it is Damsell Nymphs and Black and Green lures fished deep and slow.

Fresh stocking this week will improve catches.

Booking is not necessary at Willow Lakes.

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