Fine weather attracts big Squib fleet at Oulton Broad

Sunday was another beautiful day for sailing on Oulton Broad and the Squibs responded by turning out the biggest fleet so far this winter.

However there was still a shortage of dinghies for the first fast handicap race with no Phantoms ,which were beginning to dominate the results. Richard Fryer was out in the only RS400 and he was soon out in front but he could not get away from Duncan Madin's RS100 which finished just three seconds adrift in second place but moved up to first on handicap.

David Frary in a Finn picked up a place on the last round to finish third and move up to second on handicap while Veronica Falat picked up three places as she moved from sixth on the water to third on handicap to push Fryer back to fourth by just 20 seconds.

Bryan and Jenny Riley were back after missing a couple of weeks and quickly took up their usual position at the front. Behind them there was a good scrap for second place and four boats were contesting the place in the early stages. John Lockwood was leading at the first mark but on the run David Gooch dropped down to leeward and almost got through but although they engaged in a bit of a luffing match Lockwood held onto his second place and pulled away again while Gooch had to be content with third place.

Just two boats started in both the Slow Handicap races and the results were the same in both as Bethany Hood sailing a RS Tera beat William Stoner in a Topper, both on the water and on handicap.

The second Fast Handicap race was contested by the same dinghies as the first although the result was slightly different. This time Madin crossed the finish line with nearly a minutes lead over Fryer but this was not enough to hold off Falat who moved up from fifth to win by 11 seconds as Madin dropped a place but still beat Frary by 12 seconds.

There were just three Lasers out but in spite of their normal close racing this time they were well spread out with Simon Marfleet the easy winner from Alan Cone with Jonathan Jones trailing in third place. David Gooch, who had Gilly Foulds back as crew, led at the first mark and had the sort of lead that he was expected to hold it, but the gentle breeze was exactly to the liking of Bryan Riley who moved up to first on the second round while Jim Tubby held third place for most of the race.

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