Falat streaks into top spot at Oulton Broad

After Sundays with too much wind or not enough last Sunday on Oulton Broad was a big relief as it blew from the south east, steady and sufficient to keep everyone moving, to give some good sailing.

Ten dinghies started in the first Fast Handicap race and as usual Richard Fryer took an early lead in his RS400. But there was not enough reaching in the course and the winners on handicap came from further down the fleet. Veronica Falat sailed her Streaker into eighth place on the water which changed into a 30-second win as David Frary in his Finn moved up to second with Ben Falat's Phantom third just two seconds adrift.

David Gooch and Gilly Foulds took their Squib into an early lead which they steadily increased on each round until they finished with an enormous two-and-a-half minute lead over Bryan Riley who had also done well to overcome starting last after being over the line. Sam Cole also picked up a couple of places to take third.

Ben Falat really turned on the speed in the second Fast Handicap race and he led from start to finish keeping his Phantom in front of the supposedly faster RS designs to win easily on handicap. Frary repeated his second place while Duncan Madin took third in his RS100.

Veronica Falat swopped her Streaker for a Laser for the Class race but she could do nothing to stop Jonathon Jones moving up to first as Simon Marfleet dropped a place to finish second.

In the second Squib race it was David Gooch's turn to be over the line at the start as Bryan Riley passed early leader Sam Cole on the second round to record another good win while Gooch finally got past a bunch of boats near the end to take third.