Ex-Norwich School pupils clinch victory in world’s oldest squash tournament

A team of former Norwich School students, Old Norvicensians, have reclaimed the title in the oldest squash tournament in the world.

The five-strong team of Old Norvicensians regained the Londonderry Cup at the Londonderry Cup Finals at the prestigious RAC Club in Pall Mall – beating Old Harrovians 4-1.

Early tournament rounds saw Old Norvicensians win against Old Wykehamists and Old Wellingtonians – Alex Williams (01-11) and Joe Bolt both won in their debut games.

The semi-finals against Sherborne Pilgrims, which took place at the Lord's Cricket Ground, saw a side of Warwick Farrer (84-93), Ian Cox (85-92), Marcus Cowie (86-95), Mark Thomas (85-95) and Alex Williams secure a place in the final with a 4-1 win.

The cup was secured for Norwich School in the finals against Harrow School with wins from a team including Tim Allenden (93-96), Matt Bolt (95-02), Ian Cox, Stuart Cowie (84-92) and Marcus Cowie. Among the spectators was Jim Hawkins, former head master of Norwich School and now head master at Harrow School – where squash was invented.

The Londonderry Cup is one of the largest and the oldest tournaments in the squash calendar. The cup was presented in 1934 by the International Sportsmen's Club and named after Lord Londonderry, its president at the time.

The Old Norvicensians' rivals, Millfield, had held the Cup for the past two years, but it had previously been won by Norwich School for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009.