Entrepreneur's apology to Ipswich Town

Embarrased entrepreneur Michael Anderson today apologised to Ipswich Town Football Club and its fans for not revealing he had been involved with two other clubs that had gone into receivership.

Embarrased entrepreneur Michael Anderson today apologised to Ipswich Town Football Club and its fans for not revealing he had been involved with two other clubs that had gone into receivership.

The 52-year-old, who is believed to have sunk £1million into Town with the prospect of a directorship, said he was too humiliated to tell Town bosses he had been involved with the financial meltdown of Aldershot and Kettering Town.

Begging forgiveness Mr Anderson said: “I was asked on a number of occasions if I have been involved in football. I did not reveal my brief association with either Aldershot or Kettering because of embarrassment. I didn't want it to jeopardise my position with Ipswich Town. I would like to stress that I have done nothing wrong at these other clubs. Rather, I have personally ended up losing money.

“Of course I regret not having mentioned this. I apologise for any embarrassment caused to David (Sheepshanks, chairman), Derek (Bowden, chief executive), the board and the fans. This was never my intent.

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“I love football and felt very privileged to have been asked to join the ITFC Board.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I would like to clarify my position regarding my brief involvement with Aldershot and Kettering.

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“In the instance of Aldershot, having followed the fortunes of the club during the early 90s, I approached their chairman and offered to help them. However, after a few months during which I personally financed the players' wages and covered the rent of the ground, following a disagreement with fellow directors over the future of the club, I severed my connections, withdrew my funding and called in the police to investigate the irregularities I uncovered.

“With regard to Kettering Town, following a contact made whilst at Aldershot, I was asked if I would be interested in getting involved with Kettering. In reality my involvement lasted just a number of weeks. Although flattered to be initially asked to join the board, it soon became apparent that all was not well and again I severed my connection with them.

“So in total, my involvement previously in football was brief, and personally disappointing and not without considerable personal expense. And there has never been any suggestion of my being involved in any wrong-doing.

“I have not changed my position with regard to my financial commitments to ITFC. I am a supporter albeit of late a long-distance supporter from the US and Dubai.

“I look forward to seeing the club benefit from this investment in the future.”

Town chairman David Sheepshanks said today: “Although very disappointed that we were not made aware of Michael's previous involvement in football, despite our extensive interview process, we have actually seen no proof of any wrong doing on his part, indeed he claims the opposite.

“He has made a substantial and irrevocable investment in the club in the hope that he can fulfil his ambition to be involved in professional football at this level. However, in order to minimise embarrassment, Michael has quite properly offered not to take his directorship that had yet to be ratified and we have accepted this until the matter is cleared up as I hope it quickly will be. His investment remains in the club.

“This is a very unfortunate turn of events but must not detract us from the good news of the week regarding the club's improving financial position and our investment in the playing squad. All attentions are very much focused on Saturday's home match against Sheffield United.”

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