End of season report

Premiership: AFC Illuminati did it again – they are the only words that spring to mind. With another league title under their belt they now increase their lead at the top of Norwich's league of champions with an impressive six title wins in total. Although they finished eight points clear they did not have their usual unbeaten run as they were defeated once this season by runners-up The Mutton FC. The Scaffolders Boogle and Los Leones were all within a handful of goals away from beating the mighty Illuminati but they did not quite achieve it. It was a great effort though, lads, well done.

The Mutton FC came a deserved second as they were the only team to conquer the league champions. They beat them 7-5 in a nail-biting game earlier in the season. For The Mutton it was only their second consecutive league at goals but I'm sure with a little more practise they will be getting both the wins from Illuminati this season.

Championship: The Three Lines may be a returning league team but they have certainly done it in style. Captain Tom Whiteley and his mates have come back with a vengeance. They began with a couple of close games which didn't end to well for them but have been on a winning streak ever since and won every single game since week three. Well done boys. Enjoy the silver wear.

Big Bertha Berlin were hot on their tale and were one of the two teams that actually beat the league champions. Big Bertha are a reformed team of friends from a previous league team that weren't doing so well. The newcomers have certainly made the difference and lead the boys straight to the top, well second, close enough though. The skill level was shown in an impressive last game of the season beating Fake Madrid 21-11. Well deserved runners-up medals.

League 1: New team Wrocca Juniors came into Thursday night and literally created a storm. They played one game in the feeder league and the next week they were slotted into League One and creating a stir. They lost two games against Lawsons Creek and Headless Chickens who were the second and third place teams. Apart from these twp games they were unbeaten all season. Sporting the lovely green kit they have really battled their way to the top and are now fighting it out in the Championship this season. With a massive 78 goals difference ahead of second place they have proved they are good at hitting the back of the net.

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Runners-up position also went to another new team Headless Chickens. I think they are the only team to take advantage of the 20 players being allowed to sign on as they finished the season having a massive squad and even had to be ruthless with the medals. It's obviously a tactic that has worked for them as they have got themselves promotion. It all came down to the last game clincher between Wrocca Juniors and Headless Chickens. Although Wrocca had already won the league it was pride that helped Headless Chickens claim the 11-9 win over the league champions. Great effort all round.