EAPL scorecards

Burwell drew with Clacton at Mingay Park; Cambridge Granta beat Halstead by 185 runs at Clare College; Saffron Walden beat Fakenham by five wickets at Highfiled Lawn; Great Witchingham beat Vauxhall Mallards by 132 runs at Wallis Park; t Horsford beat Bury St Edmunds by 59 runs at Manor Park; Swardeston beat Norwich by 5 wickets at Postwick.

Burwell (17pts) drew with Clacton (7pts) at Mingay Park

Burwell: P Redfarn b Masekela 12, G Goosen c Fitzpatrick b Masekela 16, G Flower c Turner b Comber 4, D Jones not out 130, H James lbw Kirk 56, F Bester c Comber b Masekela 26, P Summerskill lbw Masekela 0, A Huckle not out 60; extras 31. Total (6 wkts) 335. Bowling: M Comber 6-0-15-1, L Masekela 18-1-108-4, L Kirk 16-5-43-1, R Chamberlain 12-1-57-0, D Fitzpatrick 9-0-56-0, G Brown 1-0-13-0, M Cull 4-0-32-0.

Clacton: M Cull b Bester 57, A Turner c Summerskill b Fuller 8, B Foakes c Huckle b Bester 64, M Comber c Goosen b Huckle 16, D Rock b Huckle 7, L Masekeka b Bester 5, C Finney b Bester 0, L Kirk lbw Huckle 0, G Brown not out 4, J Fitzpatrick not out 1; extras 21. Total (8 wkts) 183. Bowling: M Fuller 5-1-20-1, R Kemp 6-1-24-0, M Bissett 3-0-10-0, A Huckle 15-3-40-3, G Flower 13-2-36-0, F Bester 12-1-43-4.

t Cambridge Granta (30pts) beat Halstead (2pts) by 185 runs at Clare College

Cambridge Granta: J Coleman c Barton b Johnson 75, M Bott b Philip 19, R Hesketh c Dakin b Spatcher 9, B Van Rooyen b Don 102, C Park not out 24, M Friedlander not out 22; extras 14. Total (4 wkts) 265. Bowling: T Philip 15-2-71-1, A Gupta 9-1-45-0, B Don 18-5-56-1, M Spatcher 13-3-49-1, C Douglas-Hughes 2-0-22-0, M Johnson 4-0-18-1.

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Halstead: N Dakin b Howells 9, M Spatcher lbw Friedlander 14, M Johnson b Friedlander 4, A Gupta c Hill b Friedlander 5, C Barton c Van Rooyen b Smith 10, C Douglas-Hughes b Friedlander 16, T Philip c Friedlander b Coleman 2, B Don c Beddows b Friedlander 13, C Rayner not out 2, W Clark c Beddows b Friedlander 0, A Charlton lbw Friedlander 0; extras 5 Total 80. Bowling: M Friedlander 11-3-25-7, D Howells 10-1-28-1, S Smith 5-1-8-1, J Coleman 5-1-18-1.

t Saffron Walden (25pts) beat Fakenham (2pts) by five wickets at Highfiled Lawn

Fakenham: S Rodrigo lbw Cousins 21, J Hill c Gladwin b Cousins 4, S Gray c Parmenter b Cousins 0, P Gray c Gladwin b Barrs 22, K De Ridder lbw Cousins 0, S Cooper lbw Smith 8, W Dunger c Smith b Cousins 15, A Stuart b Larsen 3, I Slegg st Gladwin b Smith 1, I Ali b Smith 9, M Burton not out 0; extras 12. Total 95. Bowling: D Cousins 16.4-4-44-5, J Barrs 9-1-28-1, N Batchelor 7-3-11-0, T Smith 9-7-4-3, S Larsen 1-0-2-1.

Saffron Walden: T George not out 36, M Steward c Gray S b Stuart 4, G Ecclestone c Gray S b Burton 28, S Parmenter c Stuart b Slegg 5, N Hurford lbw Slegg 0, N Gladwin b Slegg 4, T Smith not out 13; extras 7, Total (5 wkts) 97. Bowling: I Ali 5-2-20-0, A Stuart 5-0-35-1, M Burton 2-0-14-1, I Slegg 8-3-12-3, S Cooper 6.4-2-15-0.

t Great Witchingham (30pts) beat Vauxhall Mallards (3pts) by 132 runs at Wallis Park

Great Witchingham: J M Spelman c-b Bradshaw 76, C Rogers lbw Marshall 31, S Arthurton jnr b Addison 62, T Collinshaw lbw Bradshaw 0, S Arthurton snr c Free b Bradshaw 0, J Dawes not out 36, J O Spelman c Bradshaw b Addison 2, S Chipperfield not out 45; extras 19. Total (6 wkts) 272. Bowling: P Bradshaw 16-2-52-3, M Addison 15-2-56-2, R Moores 5-1-17-0, H Marshall 14-3-58-1, R Purton 9-1-39-0, R Todd 8-1-34-0.

Vauxhall Mallards: C Amos b Rogers 17, R Purton b Dawes 0, H Barton lbw Rogers 29, H Marshall c Page b JM Spelman 33, P Free lbw JM Spelman 18, R Moores b JM Spelman 5, A Barton lbw JM Spelman 0, R Goodenough c Arthurton jnr b Dawes 13, P Bradshaw b JM Spelman 10, A Todd c-b JM Spelman 1, M Addison not out 0; extras 14. Total 140. Bowling: W J Dawes 12-0-51-2, J O Spelman 5-1-14-0, J M Spelman 11.1-3-29-6, C Rogers 13-3-25-2, S Chipperfield 1-0-13-0.

t Horsford (24pts) beat Bury St Edmunds (5pts) by 59 runs at Manor Park

Horsford: N Perry-Warnes c Lomas b Rees 13, M Warnes lbw Rees 23, J Atkinson c Warn b Huggins T 17, C Sabburg c Bishop b Huggins T 44, L Caswell c Bishop b Lomas 6, M Wilkinson c Bishop b Lomas 8, R Findlay c Warn b Turnbull 6, C Brown lbw Bishop 41, J Heyburn c Huggins T b Lomas 0, C Spenceley lbw Turnbull 3, D Smith not out 5. Total 190. Bowling: P Turnbull 13-4-23-2, J Bishop 7.2-2-16-1, T Rash 2-0-15-0, S Rees 6-0-23-2, T Huggins 16-4-48-2, C Lomas 17-3-49-3.

Bury St Edmunds: T Huggins c Smith b Findlay 16, F Klokker c Smith b Brown 14, C Warn c Sabburg b Findlay 26, N Lee run out 27, P Turnbull c Smith b Findlay 4, J Bishop c Smith b Findlay 9, S Rees lbw Brown 4, O Huggins b Findlay 2, T Rash not out 12, C Lomas b Brown 4, J McKinney c Caswell b Sabburg 4; extras 9. Total 131. Bowling: L Caswell 3-0-14-0, M Warnes 3-1-7-0, R Findlay 18-2-42-5, C Brown 13-2-31-3, C Sabburg 3.2-0-29-1.

t Swardeston (25pts) beat Norwich (2pts) by 5 wickets at Postwick

Norwich: B Patston c Camberg b Thelwell 7, O Higenbottam c Martin b Thelwell 1, H Bush c Walker J b Thelwell 43, C Borrett c Walker J b Eccles 0, S Noster b Thelwell 9, B Wright lbw Gardiner 0, B Baldwin c Camberg b Eccles 9, J Blake c Martin b Thelwell 2, B Flanagan c Eccles b Walker G 10, A A Watson not out 0, P Wiseman lbw Walker G 1. Total 87. Bowling: M Eccles 7-1-31-2, S Thelwell 8-0-35-5, C Gardiner 6-1-15-1, G Walker 5-3-5-2.

Swardeston: J Walker b Bush 3, D Martin lbw Wiseman 23, L Herathge c Blake b Wiseman 4, P Lambert b Wiseman 2, I Tufts not out 36, G Walker c Baldwin b Wiseman 10, J Cooper not out 10; extras 6. Total (5 wkts) 90. Bowling: A A Watson 3-0-16-0, S Noster 2-1-10-0, P Wiseman 8-2-23-4, H Bush 5-1-19-1, C Borrett 3-0-18-0.

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