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Burwell beat Norwich by 8 wickets at Burwell; Cambridge Granta drew with Great Witchingham at Cambridge Granta; Horsford beat Swardeston by five wickets at Manor Park; Vauxhall Mallards drew with Fakenham at Brundall; Saffron Walden beat Clacton by nine wickets at Clacton; Halstead drew with Bury St Edmunds at Halstead.

Burwell (25pts) beat Norwich (7) by 8 wickets at Burwell.

Norwich: S Noster run out (G Goosen) 43, M Tipping lbw Huckle 36, H Bush c Flower b Kemp 63, C Borrett c-b Huckle 13, B Wright st Jones b Huckle 25, J Blake c Jones b Flower 5, J Wills b Flower 1, T Ingram b Johannes Bester 6, B Baldwin run out (Goosen) 1, A Watson not out 2, A Mhandu b Johannes Bester 0; extras 17. Total (64.1 overs) 211. Bowling: M Fuller 8-1-18-0, R Kemp 9-1-34-1, M Bissett 5-0-23-0, F Johannes Bester 6.1-2-27-2, A Huckle 18-6-44-3, G Flower 18-2-54-2.

Burwell: F Johannes Bester c Blake b Borrett 44, A Knight c Blake b Ingram 65, H James not out 63, G Flower not out 27; extras 15. Total (51 overs) 214-2. Bowling: A Watson 7-1-31-0, S Noster 5-0-27-0, C Borrett 8-0-29-1, H Bush 13-3-39-0, J Wills 12-2-43-0, T Ingram 4-0-22-1, B Baldwin 2-0-9-0.

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t Cambridge Granta (17) drew with Great Witchingham (8) at Cambridge Granta

Cambridge Granta: M Bott b JM Spelman 44, R Hesketh run out (Sam Arthurton) 1, D Rice run out (Sam Arthurton) 3, S Park lbw Logan 6, C Park st Groves b Rogers 103, M Friedlander c Sam Arthurton b Rogers 111, J Handley not out 2, H Beddows not out 3; extras 9. Total (66 overs) 282-6. Bowling: B Fransman 14-0-61-0, S Logan 13-2-65-1, JM Spelman 11-1-43-1, JO Spelman 11-0-53-0, C Rogers 17-2-54-2.

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Great Witchingham: JM Spelman lbw Hill 38, C Rogers b S Park 37, Sam Arthurton c Hesketh b S Park 14, T Collishaw lbw S Park 0, Shaun Arthurton st Beddows b Hill 2, S Chipperfield not out 66, JO Spelman c C Park b Hesketh 3, J Page b Coleman 4, B Fransman c Hill b Coleman 0, S Groves not out 3; extras 8. Total (60 overs) 175. Bowling: M Friedlander 6-0-15-0, D Howells 6-0-35-0, J Coleman 11-3-24-2, C Park 8-0-33-0, L Hill 13-3-26-2, J Handley 1-0-9-0, S Park 11-2-20-3, R Hesketh 4-1-13-1.

t Horsford (25) beat Swardeston (2) by five wickets at Manor Park.

Swardeston: W Rist c Heyburn b Caswell 16, D Martin c Heyburn b Caswell 0, J Hatwell lbw Caswell 6, P Lambert lbw Brown 28, I Tufts b Sabburg 7, G Walker b Sabburg 10, J Pearson c Leck b Sabburg 2, B Shearing b Sabburg 4, M Thomas c Watson b Sabburg 27, M Eccles c Leck b Brown 0, C Gardiner not out 6; extras 5. Total (51.1 overs) 111. Bowling: L Caswell 14-5-25-3, M Warnes 8-2-14-0, C Brown 15-3-33-2, C Sabburg 13.1-3-34-5, J Atkinson 1-1-0-0.

Horsford: N Perry-Warnes lbw Hatwell 21, M Warnes c Gardiner b Walker 25, J Heyburn b Hatwell 2, C Sabburg b Walker 3, J Atkinson c Hatwell b Walker 13, L Caswell not out 21, C Spenceley not out 17; extras 13. Total (56 overs) 115-5. Bowling: M Eccles 5-1-12-0, C Gardiner 7-2-16-0, M Thomas 10-4-11-0, G Walker 18-8-35-3, J Hatwell 16-5-34-2.

t Vauxhall Mallards (17 pts) drew with Fakenham (8 pts) at Brundall.

Mallards: C Amos c Harvey b Stuart 51, R Purton b Stuart 4, H Barton c Harvey b Wijekoon 1, J Marshall c Harvey b Cooper 78, R Arendse not out 50, P Free c Cooper b Stuart 27, R Moores lbw Wijekoon 0, R Goodenough not out 16; extras 35. Total (62 overs) 262-6. Bowling: A Stuart 16-4-61-3, G Wijekoon 16-2-54-2, I Ali 6-0-48-0, S Cooper 13-2-36-1, M Burton 6-1-15-0, S Rodrigo 5-1-21-0.

Fakenham: S Rodrigo c Barton b Arendse 25, J Hill c Goodenough b Marshall 20, S Gray c Goodenough b Marshall 0, G Wijekoon lbw Moores 14, B Harvey run out 50, S Cooper b Moores 40, W Dunger b Addison 9, S Piper c Marshall b Addison 8, A Stuart not out 6, I Ali not out 2; extras 11. Total (58 overs) 185-8. Bowling: P Bradshaw 10-4-20-0, M Addison 11-2-38-2, R Purton 7-4-13-0, R Arendse 10-0-37-1, J Marshall 7-0-41-2, R Moores 10-3-17-2, P Free 3-0-12-0.

t Saffron Walden (50-1, 25) beat Clacton (49, 0) by nine wickets at Clacton.

t Halstead (239-5, 14) drew with Bury St Edmunds (194-7, 7) at Halstead.

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