Dereham break new ground in FA Trophy

Dereham Town are set to make club history on Saturday when they make their first appearance in the FA Trophy away at Bury Town.

The Magpies may be facing higher level opposition but boss Matt Henman believes that his side have got what to takes to progress, although he knows they can't afford to make any mistakes.

He said: 'We know that it is going to be a very tough game away from home against higher league opposition and while the pressure may be off us slightly, we are certainly not going there to make up the numbers. We are going there to put in a really good account of ourselves and fight to win the game.

'We have shown over the past few weeks that we can compete against some very good sides and we know that we have got what it takes to cause Bury problems. However we also know that we have got to be 100pc on it at both ends of the pitch. We can't afford to miss chances and we certainly can't afford to give cheap goals away.

'We have been a bit short at the back lately and while Dan Morphew faces a late test,we will have Gary Starling and Matt Howard in the squad, who are both established first team defenders. Up front, Luke Tuttle and Shaun Bammant have been excellent of late and they are starting to re-create their form from last season and we need to be taking our chances when we get they come the weekend.'