Commerical Fisheries: Rainbow is a record at Blackdyke


Jim Miller landed a fishery record rainbow of 16lb 9oz on Saturday evening, finishing off a good day's fishing, on a daddie long legs. Nymphs and small drys are still working well.


Sport has been good for those who enjoy top-of-the-water fishing. Both lakes are still very clear so bring your Polaroid glasses for spotting the fish on West Stow lake, with the trout coming to emergers such as Orange Hoppers, Brown Emergers. On Glebe lake the best method has been bloodworm or Diawl Bach around eight feet down with a slow retrieve and a floating line. Best fish this week was around 9lb, taken on a dry fly and returned unharmed.


Prolonged spells of hot weather recently has meant that the fishing is starting to become tricky after midday. Morning sessionss have seen far more fish caught than during the day, especially when the sun is at its highest. Fish will still be caught, but at slightly deeper depths and with larger flies such as Damsel Nymphs or goldhead Daddies.

There has been a definite decrease in surface activity as the day goes on, with some quite spectacular morning rises taking place until about midday when conditions allow.

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Newcomer Warren Barwick from Thetford fished at RMF for the first time last week and landed six Rainbows. Warren was using Damsel Nymphs and Bloodworm buzzers on a floating line and fishing from the lodge end of the lake and West bank, Warren commented on how well the fish fought for the time of year.

The water is clearing from the recent storms and is getting back to its usual standard – this should particularly please dry fly anglers.

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Willow Lakes

August is the doldrum month for trout fishing and so it is proving to be with water temperatures reaching 70 degrees.

Early and late sessions have produced fish on daddies fished dry which imitation damselflies. There have been good rises to these on sunny mornings. Boobies fished deep and slow are best when it is hot and bright.

Nar Valley

In the last fortnight the coarse lakes have been in great form. Four more 30lb-plus carp have been landed from Lake Geneva, including a superb Mirror of 38lb 8oz. Brian Bunton set the omplex record with this superb carp, which pushes the season's total number of reported 30s to 11. There has been some superb tench fishing in Dougs Lake and Johns Pond with fish to 6lb from both waters. Hobbs Lake – It has been a great season so far at the new NVF Trout fishery. The 'catch and release' and 'removal' policies are working very well and the trout have silvered up and are extremely hard fighting. A winter permit is available to fish from September 1 to December 31.